Re-Awakening the “Underworld”Fanatics

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I am pleased to inform you that I was one of the first South Africans to watch this movie. I am awed to introduce to you – The 2012 ”Underworld 4” Movie Review.

Not all Vampire/werewolf movies are meaningless titillation for the one-track mind. The new “Underworld 4: Awakening” is a testament to that. Frankly, I was not prepared for this movie. I had lost interest in movies like the Twilight Saga due to its lack of conviction where acting and overall scripting was concerned. The essence of vampire and werewolf lore is lost. Underworld surpassed even my expectations. I walked out of the cinema gawking and smiling simultaneously.

The movie picks up with a quick summary of the past and what had brought Selene’s life to this point. She has murdered 2 elders and betrayed her coven – owing to the rightfully righteous and ruthless Lucius (Michael Sheen,” Underworld 1”&3). She and Michael Corvin have altered the very course of their species.

Michael exists as a Hybrid – half Lycan and half vampire, the first of his kind. Upon discovering that Lycan’s and Vampires exist; humans attempt to reclaim some sort of control. Led by their fear, they hunt and attempt to exterminate them. “The Purge” pushes both the vampires and werewolves into hiding-a polarizing rhetoric of their previously blatantly decadent lives.

Selene plans to escape with Michael when they are captured and for 12 years, held captive in a cooling hibernating chamber. Selene is broken out and her quest for answers lead her and us to the best clincher in vampire/Lycan movie lore I have ever seen-Selene and Michael have a 12-year-old daughter who is the purest and strongest entity on earth. Selene has the blood sacrifice of Alexander Corvinus flowing through her and Michael is the last and only descendant of Corvinus and the first hybrid, their daughter has all these elements.

Along Selene’s quest to find Michael and face facts about life now, she makes new acquaintances – A cop fighting his own personal sorrows (Michael Ealy-“Barbershop”) and the son of a coven leader (Theo James, “Bedlam”) one of the few vampire covens remaining.

I could go deep into just how perfectly done “Underworld 4: Awakening” is, but you need to watch it. The acting is believable, the script-Impeccable, the casting was fantastic and the production was effective and visually breath-taking in 3D. I give it 10 million thumbs up and I’m pulling my hair out whilst waiting for the next one.

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