Dear clothes: You work for me!

Dear Clothing

It has come to my attention that your behavior is becoming somewhat boisterous. This letter serves to inform you that you are about to be severely reprimanded on actions that defy the laws of reason.

The job description of clothes since Adam and Eve selfishly ate that apple many millenniums ago, has been to adorn humanoids with material that would protect them against thee elements and cover them now that they were conscious of their own nudity.
Today, the meaning has manifested into something greater and more sinister. Clothing is still a protection from thee elements and our own self-consciousness but now it is also a form of self-expression, a material facade, a way of maintaining social stratification etc. This is an undeniable fact further elevated when we consider the generated gross income that comes from importing and exporting, private sales and acclaim associated with certain fashion houses and their spokespersons.

I am sucked into this industry because frankly, clothing is my kryptonite. I am captivated by rich fabrics draped artistically to form, silhouettes that align with my shape and the use of color as a medium for finding ones true persona. Regardless of whether the items of clothing are expensive or affordable, it is the design that will catch my attention,hold it and never let me go of the promise of the beauty I could have if it were on me. Whilst certain fashion houses have gotten acclaim for releasing clothing that continuously amazes, I worry that the designs for the runway for the past 15yrs have become somewhat ridiculous:

»”Vivienne Westwood” has reverted to the Gaga madness with the jacquard graphics teamed with flared material madness

»”Givenchy” maintains their color neutrality but I am not sure see-through everything is what’s required.

Call me bias but if I had the money and the choice, I’d forever be wearing only: “Paul Smith” ; “Burberry” ; “Lanvin” ; “Christian Siriano” ; “Diamond Face Couture(DFC)” ; “Victoria Beckham” ; “Forever New” , “G-Star Raw” and “David Tlale”.

•Every time I step into “Paul Smith”,it’s like walking into my personal future wardrobe: simplistic designs, strong colors and quality.

•”Burberry” is home of thee best coats I have ever laid eyes on and their editorial spreads are elegant and attract my want.

Christian Siriano is a designer who speaks to my creative side and his spunk is evident in his clothing that has sizes that are for most folks.

•”Diamond Face Couture(DFC)” by South African designer Uyanda Mbuli is a fashion house that is glamorous and I would love to own even one of their items. They nailed the A/W season at Joburg Fashion Week 2012.

•Victoria Beckham has constantly been at the forefront of fashion trends,most of the 21st century would not have progressed towards a more tasteful approach to fashion had it not been for her. Her collections include sharp,geometric shapes and form fits in neutral shades.

•”Forever New” is an Australian brand I’d proudly endorse. Cape Town youth has cupboards laden with their clothes. Everything is to be adored.

•”G-Star Raw” is perfect for jeans and environmentally aware individuals. The quality there is insane.

•”David Tlale” is one of South Africa’s most formidable designers. I love his dramatic clothes, floor-legnth A-line skirts,ruffles and strong roots in South Africa’s diverse culture. He is the only designer to ever have had, and will ever have, a fashion show on the Nelson Mandela Bridge in Joburg. According to authorities, this event will never be sanctioned again because of the utter chaos that ensued. So aside from making history, he also had the cast of American soap “The Bold and The Beautiful” model his collection on the bridge and it was a sight to behold.

So,you see clothing,there is more required than words and titillation by mass media fads etc.

From now on, I require only the best,the most captivating, enthralling,rich,textured,cultured clothing ever imagined!
I want a return to 16th Century European grandeur and the classics of Coco Chanel.

Make like Nike and “Just Do It!”

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