The “meet cute” of the French and South African Season

South Africa will be the first time sub-Saharan country involved in the Seasons with France,others of which include China and Turkey. The aim is to improve general understanding of the participant countries,its people and their culture, and contribute to the diversification of France’s image in South Africa and South Africa’s image in France. This is done by emphasizing the modernity and values that the two countries share.

I was honored with an invite to this ‘invitation only’ exclusive event hosted by the French Ambassador. It was aboard the French Helicopter Carrier “Dixmude”, which had docked in the Cape Town Harbour since 18 May 2012.
I was of course dressed to impress in my somewhat demure thigh-high, black tweed dress, black stilettos, my singed vintage crocodile skin caramel brown clutch bag and my lace-tipped thigh high pantyhose. This also marked the debut of my latest acquisition that made me feel like I was part of the French crew, dressed equally dapper and immaculately, my floor-length black trenchcoat adorned with gold buttons.

The event was superb, the hors d’œuvres tasted devine, not surprising given the reputation that precedes the French. There were no snails to my relief!
The French Ambassador was charming and unfortunately,one of the few French people aboard who could hold a full conversation in English. But no worries, the sailors more than made up for it. I believe in the deepest part of my heart that French navy marines are chosen purely for their appearances. The men resembled a catalog or runway line-up for Givenchy, Jean Paul Gaultier ,Christian Lacroix or Yves Saint Laurent. You can truly see why fashion is strongly associated with France. The marine’s and sailors uniforms were quite stylish: box hats and long empire-line skirts for the woman, and tailored pants with gold stripes running down the leg for the men.

I had an amazing time filled with many networking opportunities and entertainment, as well as learning new things about thee French.
The event covers ±70 projects in the areas of science,innovation & technology, higher education, business, tourism, sport and languages. The Seasons will even be represented at Rocking the Daisies, Grahmstown Festival and Oppikoppi.

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