The mirage of Global Opportunities

I don’t know whether I’m being a greedy self-involved coconut, or whether I am indeed as perceptive as I claim, but all I know is that I am at wits end.

I respect anyone who has gone into the world and received jobs with less qualifications than I.
I finish my 3 year BA in 5 months time. The initial plan being that I’d begin post-grad or transfer to an American institute of my choosing.

Reality is a cruel master.
Dreams are useless little things when faced with logistics.

Perhaps I’d be less relenting to life’s trials if I did not have the pressure of having to obtain full scholarships or bursaries based on the merit of my academia. I am smart and I have no qualms stating that. However, my passion for academics doesn’t translate well to testing. But even despite this, trying to gain some measurable progression towards a career or dream seems futile.
I think of all the possibilities and the certainty of my success if only I could be there. Whether it be London, New York or Abu Dabi, I know I can make a solid success of myself whatever the field of employment or study.

They say one of the greatest triumphs of humanity since civilization came to develop, is the global integration we’ve managed. When observing this critically I see that point riddled with assumptions and hidden facts. I know globalization has amounted us to an ideal level of major industrialization, urbanization and the integration that comes with social networking. However, little to none is said on the lack of quantifiable equality in education at a tertiary level. The opportunities and benefits differ because let me let you in on a secret: institutional structures remain rigidly in place when it comes to what the business sector wants in its people. Granted,there is room made for the supremely talented, but the others must pray they have the name of an esteemed institute with correlating marks to amount to anything.
Did you know you need work experience to apply for an internship?
I guess companies miss the part where people actually need jobs to accumulate experience.

Did you know you need experience to volunteer with the UNICEF volunteer division?
Curious since we, potential volunteers, would like to help the people that need us with the skills and tools we have presently, volunteering not for a job, but because we can, and it is the right thing to do.

I’ll apply to the places I had wanted, both in Europe and in North America, but it will be with a serious lack of faith. I’ve researched the criteria’s and I’ve spoken to my foreign friends, there’s too much fighting against me to be able to fight back for what I want. I look for jobs-they want experience, I look for schools-they want money I don’t have. I’m not looking for a hand-out, just the presentation of an opportunity where I can hone my craft, become the highest authority in my field and work as a UN Ambassador to establish a program specific to making study anywhere in the world as easy as applying in SA, for South Africans.

New York University, London University, Georgetown University, University of Edinborough etc. They’re just a fantasy. Reality lies in the familiar stagnant streets of South Africa for me.

Its a hard truth to swallow for an ambitious dreamer.

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