The ramblings muttered through loss

Here begins the semi-lucid ramblings of a self-involved megalomaniac.

So yesterday afternoon I was defeated. My laptop,Toshiba hard drive and Terabyte Hard drive were stolen. The cumulative loss goes a little something like this:

•20 000 songs
•4 000 pictures of my entire life.
•±750 movies
•50+ Television shows
•60+ Stand-up Comedy shows, Award shows, and Videos
•200+ work and school documents

Many used to tease me that I had an unhealthy attachment to my technological gadgets, an effect emphasized by my ‘illogical’ lack of need to have many friends. They wondered how I would react if it was all taken from me.


After I found out I cried for so long and so hard I burst one of my blood vessels in my eye. It was probably a subconscious reminiscence of the worlds reaction to the ‘Red Wedding’ in “Game of Thrones”. The amount of drama I stirred may have potentially pulled my university campus to a stop temporarily.

Losing those pieces of technology makes me feel violated and absolutely sad. I’m grieving for the amount of history and dedication to the adoration of the many gods that write my favourite TV shows and movies. I cried for Hitchcock, Del Toro,Cameron and JJ Abrams. I cried for Spielberg, Tarantino, and Burton. I’m actively depressed for Kripke, Singer and my vast collection of Marvel and DC superhero movies. This feels like getting my Horcrux’s destroyed. I prided myself on my ability to Lord my vast collections and knowledge of filmmaking over people. I have nothing to speak of that now significantly sets me apart in the crowd, save for my sadness.

I write this in the hope that you’ll learn from my ordeal. Learn to guard your property, to be careful and calculating. Learn to remember what you’ve lost and somehow attempt to move past it.

And if you should happen to read this and find yourself wanting to provide me with a new laptop and Terabyte hard drives…I am indebted to your sympathies.

Here ends the ramblings of a grieving megalomaniac.

Forever shattered innocence of loss.


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