Galileo Open-Air Cinema: Movie Magic Under the Stars

Outdoor venues in and around the city, are always choice for weird and wonderful experiences.
Find out whether the Galileo Open-Air Cinema is a worthwhile experience for movie boffins, families, and others alike…

Film Review in Session: John Wick Chapter 3 – Parabellum

‘John Wick Chapter 3: Parabellum’ is a vibrant, vivacious visual veneer, painting over the crippling imperfections that have defined action films for decades, like a balm.

I am sure one could find faults in the 3rd installment of Keanu Reeves’s ‘John Wick’ film franchise, but you would have had to find them days after your mind stops reeling in thoroughly entertained awe.

I love the films wickedness as one is meant to adore those dark things in the black: in secret, between the shadow and the soul.

Film Review in Session: Brightburn

‘Brightburn’ is a James Gunn superhero horror giving the world an evil, prepubescent Superman | Clark Kent,
…I have some thoughts about the film though.

Film Review in Session: Hunter Killer

There’s a thrill to being thrown in the (literal) deep end, and your focus geared towards wading through a bureaucratic puzzle, while in a tin underwater, where tensions run high – even for the most trained maritime officers.

Film Review in Session: The Spy Who Dumped Me

Without revealing too much, I thought that ‘The Spy Who Dumped Me’, produced by Erica Huggins, was an ordinary girls flight of fancy, done right.

It spoke to the average persons occasional wanderings on exactly how you’d deal with being thrust into a spy film with all the fixings.

Lunch Amiamo

Had to get a new charger for my laptop and I’ve not been in the vicinity of unlimited WiFi for a while, so apologies for the mild blogging absence. Decided to treat myself to a day out at the mall. Watched a film at Ster Kinekor called “Seventh Son”. It rates a 3/10 but the casting gets a…

Film Review in Session: Transformers 4 – Age of Extinction

I don’t know what you guys were saying on twitter…busy heckling for no reason. I just watched ‘Transformers 4’ and IT. WAS. AWESOME! Okay, so first thing first: We all love the precocious anxious levity of Shia LaBeouf’s acting delivery as it proved instrumental in initially establishing the Transformers movies as beyond childish indulgences of…

Bokeh South African International Fashion Film Festival (Overview)

Film exists as an intrinsic part of the arts, and as a facet of media. It is a boundless domain of creative expression, can convey a multitude of multifaceted messages etc. Films are made to inspire, to pay homage, and through the basest sentimentality- to be symbolic of the incomparable human spirit. Fashion is not…

Another Academy Award for South Africa?

Firstly, something bears initial clarification: South African cinema is slow, but gradually developing its cinematic repertoire  from a previously, predominately political-centric one,into more open-ended and globally appealing genres. Obviously, the social commentary is not something easily put aside simply to appease the standardized recipe for Blockbuster hits. However, South Africans have harnessed the unquestionable potency…

Why we need Celebrities 1.0

I understand your initial trepidation. The statement is riddled with assumptions and generalizations that govern social perception thinking the opposite. I will not argue. However, I will write this to express my personal perspective. It may be flawed, but it is my own to pen down. Do you know what the experience is of a…

Horror Movie Appreciation

The ability that a filmmaker has to evoke actual, tangible fear in viewers is a weapon of specific destruction…and box-office triumph. I am not a person who is in love with horror  movies. I hate being scared, but I do love shock moments and that is how I can appreciate horror movies. I’ve just been…

The ramblings muttered through loss

Here begins the semi-lucid ramblings of a self-involved megalomaniac. So yesterday afternoon I was defeated. My laptop,Toshiba hard drive and Terabyte Hard drive were stolen. The cumulative loss goes a little something like this: •20 000 songs •4 000 pictures of my entire life. •±750 movies •50+ Television shows •60+ Stand-up Comedy shows, Award shows,…

South African-born Hollywood Sensations

South Africa has transcended the label of “Third World” to produce some of the worlds most crowned Hollywood jewels and up-and-comers. I’m really proud too be a South African when I see all the hardwork and dedication these individuals have put in to rise into a very hard industry. Here are a a list of a few names and…