Travel South Africa: 5 Ways to Keep Entertained During Easter Time

South Africa in particular, takes the Easter period about as seriously as we approach any other time away from work: with gusto!

Whether you call it Family Day come April 9th, or some other such name, its a time many use as vacation time, so entertainment is in order. Keeping yourself and loved ones engaged with something, doesn’t need to be a mission – that’s what Listicles are made for!

Here’s your Guide to an Entertaining (late-planned) Easter…

1. Experience Movie Magic under the Stars

Open-Air cinemas are great fun for any movie lover!

If you choose the right film, and head to, for example: a green space Galileo Open-Air Cinema near you, I genuinely believe you cannot leave disappointed by the experience.

While Cape Town is a place which revels in outdoor experiences, as a ‘lifestyle city’, it tends to be touch-and-go whether they’re good for the whole family, for the solo, and for groups with various tastes.

It becomes a bit of a nightmare trying to find something everyone can agree on

but everybody loves a good movie!

Galileo, in specific, excels with various locations AND various ticket packages for their Cape moviegoers – depending on dates, holidays, and whether you booked the Royale or Picnic experience.

Everyone is free to pick a spot and settle in – able to leave their haul for the pop-up kiosk food stands a few steps away, and already bustling with eager movie-goers contemplating just what will lead to contentment.

 Ticketholders tend to have ample parking, there’s clear signage, and excitement in the air upon arrival!

Galileos movie offerings lean more towards classics, a scattering of blockbusters (old and new), and the rare spine-chilling night of darker picks.

I would definitely love a night of Wes Craven’s best, but alas!

2. Pick & Picnic

Whether you’re Solo, or travelling with family or friends, places like Boschendal are rare, but are oh so gratifying for all! You never really have to leave the farm to enjoy a multifaceted experience, as a visitor.

Destinations like this have an edge, now more than ever, with their:

  • estate-centric ethos bound to farm-freshness
  • endowing visitors with a wonder and knowledge of nature on their property
  • and serving guests with accessible luxury previously priced too high to even fathom as a yearly treat.

Visiting this farm also means getting:

Safety, Security, Relaxation, Convenience, and true value-for-money.

With experiences like their  farm tour, or horse rides, you are ushered through a working farms processes, passions, and results.

Kids get their own bespoke Boschendal experience too, with the Treehouse Experience. And it’ll have you eventually leaving with a nature-lover!

The garden tour is a particular favourite for many, as you get to discover and sometimes even pick a herb or two while learning and walking.

The Night Market (at home under the estates historic oak trees), as well as Boschendal’s Picnic offers, are my true favourites though. Folks flock from everywhere, and its a bevy of food, wine, and live music for the market. The picnic sees individuals and groups on Boschendal’s lawns laden with the perfectly prepared baskets full of the natural farm produce, delicious homemade preserves, and much more.

Soil to Fork | Wine | Talented Local Artisans | Cottagecore

3. Get Luxurious Budget Sleep

There’s so many places around South Africa that work that ‘affordable and luxurious’ balance really well, and you need only peep their websites to discover some great Easter deals.

Century City Hotel is one of my favourite Western Cape finds, and its because you get truly incredible value for money.

Forgo taking a chance on a Airbnb that may end up disappointing. CC Hotels are a sure win!

Century City Hotel, is a decent spot for the everyday Joe in search of a treat. The warm and modern hotel is predominantly visited by:

  • Individuals with a keen eye for Cape Town deals
  • Business folk secure in the hotels ability to deliver an optimal Digital Nomad environment
  • Family’s from across the world
  • And couples seeking hospitality nirvana.

The features of the hotels public and private spaces are so incredibly high quality – including  contemporary leather interiors, well-finished wood decor, and gorgeous & contained co-working desks in an earth tone colour scheme, and tiled bathrooms with shiny fixtures – while the price point makes the hotel accessible to many.

Besides the excellent and consistent service every time I visit, this hotel delivers on some of the best sleep I’ve ever had. The high-contrast neutrals, plush pillows, and firm & wide beds of their suites make for decadent sleep on crisp white sheets with not one crease before you slip in to slumber or laze.

Come here if you want to escape the bustle and bolstered suite pricing of the innercity, but still wish to remain within Uber’able distance from Cape Town city.

4. Dine Finely

The difference between a good Fine Dining experience and a bad one is, in part, the captain of the ship and how they steer. If you want a taste of sensational food that fills as much as it impresses, book an Easter meal at Grande Roche Hotel’s restaurant.

Chefs like Kevin Grobler are about as rare as the late Anthony Bourdain.

Lacking in pretension, witty, skilful to Michelin Guide standards and also unique for being an all round local cuisine maestro, he creates, directs, and teaches, without gimmicks or excess formality that some other chefs would use to mask mediocre and unfulfilling food.

Dining at Grande Roche means being privy to chefs focus on familiar ingredients delivered to a hearty and visually stunning finish – different from what you’ve seen and tasted before though, I can guarantee!

The experience through their courses, is piques of pleasure – perfectly fluffed eggs to Pork, and plates of glazed, descaled, prodded, and posed ingredients made wholly delicious.

Spoil yourself this Easter!

Enjoy the likes of Kingclip, Spinach Tagliatelle, and Duck prepared so well it comes close to my favourite Duck Confit at a lauded Los Angeles joint.

Eating at Grande Roche atleast, is the stuff true Fine Dining is defined by.

5. Meet Giraffes & other Wildlife

Want a magical wildlife experience for a steal?

Try a quick search for animal sanctuaries or wildlife education centres in your area.

In the Cape for example, we have the likes of The Giraffe House – a stripped-down version of more curated safari experiences and even going to zoos, but it is no less interesting and secure!

At The Giraffe House they facilitate interactive encounters with a whole host of animals, and I even got to finally meet my tall counterparts during a visit.

Rescued and carefully nurtured back to health, some of this continents most wonderous wildlife and bird species can be found in places like this.

Take a walk on the wild(life) side this Easter!


By the way: What kinds of recommendations would you like?

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