Taste and Style

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Woman, and recently men, have readily embraced the beauty of being one with their appearance, that it isn’t a narcissistic form of agency. I look at my closet and see myself most easily revealed in the queued up stilettos, the folded up pieces of colorful material, the antiquated jewelry box laden with the collective masses of my pieces of awesome etc.

What’s your favorite piece of clothing?

What tickles your fancy when you walk into a shop? 

Do you set up your wardrobe to show off your stuff?

So my mom taught me my style. I like leather, layering tastefully,fabric textures, color coordination etc. I taught myself the classics that are best exemplified in the legendary Coco Chanel ideal. The thing about style, that I personally believe in, is that it is not about the name of the brand. Shops recognize the merits of advertising using public figures. It brings in the followers, the fans, and brand affiliates willing to invest in the lucrativity of everything.

But as identities are formed and made, as people move into new generational groups, as fashion morphs, and as marketing strategies become more articulate in their pursuit of particular objectives- people must embrace everything about themselves, identify and accept the nuances of their flaws and their perfections. This is to be done if one is to truly know their style, whether it be in architecture,interior design, fashion, cars,food,humor, stature etc.

PicMonkey Collagen Literally my favorite place to shop and bask in the tastiness of great style-Victoria and Alfred Waterfront, which is in Cape Town, South Africa.

Most of the shops are slowly moving their winter stock out because in comes Spring. In trend are see-through Doc Martens, nude kitten heels, neon lemon handbags, and leather in all things accessories.

I figure you’re in another continent so tell me what you see through the store windows? Does Macy’s have a clearance sale? Whats the street style like? I saw the footage from New York Fashion Week. People are willing to wear some questionable items deemed “stylish”. I shudder.

Anyway, drop a comment and keep me posted.


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