The trials of Fandom

I guess for people who spend hours, upon days and weeks working on music and films, perceive fandom as trivial.

I guess spending days learning lines, forming  instrumentals to accompany tears that dried out into words, is hard.

But what drives your constant need to be the best?

What solidifies the standardization of excellence?

I can tell you: ITS US, The Masses!

Those little people you belittle for their excessive excitement at seeing you and your works.

You think it’s all fun and games to wait hours and days in the pursuit of basking in the presence of the famed?

You think nights spent in the cold,hightailing it through atrocious weather and unfathomable obstacles is easy?

You think prioritizing you and Your tickets over food, simply as a thanks and homage to your talents, is not hard?

I kind of think you celebrities don’t always appreciate us.

Yeah, you’ll make reference to us in speeches.

However, asking for payments for autographs or photo ops, and slapping fans is not cool.

I guess that’s why I chose my current profession. Interviewing celebrities mean you can actually humanize them, which sort of takes the shine off of them. Thing is, South Africa doesn’t have alot of world-renowned actors and singers, writers and formidable public figures. Those few we have gone to the US of A to gain further acclaim. So when we see them walking in a mall in Cape Town all willy nilly, our freakfests are warranted.

*P.S: I am so sorry to Jonathan Rhys Meyers for running to him all loony, just for a photo and quick chat.

Obviously you get the crazies: those stalkers and such who will go to extreme lengths for a piece of their favorite persons. Stephen King’s “Misery” comes to mind.

Then there’s the sick ones wishing to meet their favorite people as if it will somehow grant them peace into their afterlife. Robert Downey Jr. recently lost one of his longest fans to old age and illness. He visited her more than once, and apparently it helped deter the illnesses progression for a while.

Then there’s the me’s of the world. I just love photo ops, whether I like the performer or not. I’ll only attend concerts for my ultimate favorite performers though, say: 30 Seconds to Mars , Adele , Mumford and Sons, Eminem and Young the Giant.

My point is that despite what people think, it’s really hard being a fan. There are so many trials.


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