Confronting the World

I could write and write about how we need to make a difference.

But the message is clear.

Its more than 18 yrs later and still nothing has changed.

No, I lie.

Things have deteriorated even more.

Adults always say they are fighting for their children’s futures, and yet, here stands a child they fight for and she challenges all the adults actions because they don’t reflect what they are saying.

I am moved.

I stopped legally being a child 2 years ago and yet, like she said, we are all someones child.

I am an adult, one who contributes to the worlds destruction. I’m one of those who speaks of change and yet does little to better the world. I participate in charitable endeavors but I pale in comparison to what she has done. In delivering her speech on such a platform she helped a world organization, with political objectives primarily, marginally move towards educating people better on what has happened to the world, and what could be done. She raised awareness, and money, and since her speech volunteering across the globe has risen.

But the news channels today speak of war and famine, child mortality rates fluctuating, the rise and fall of economies based on stock markets and political upheavals, animals are getting extinct (South Africans know about the Rhino’s) and health issues are rising due to the toxicity of the world around us, through the contamination of nature.


Clearly somewhere in us is mediocrity. We are so complacent to not move mountains, we are shadows of who we could be.

I am moved.

Busy calculating just how my ambitions and future endeavors can aid in making a difference across the globe.


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