Students & Careers: Prioritize

We are living in a world of globalization.

It leaves no room for complacency.

Between the socioeconomic circumstances that people find themselves in,  as well as the potential lucrativeness of working when young, the youth of today are making life choices from young ages regarding their futures.

One of the problems I’ve noticed is that tertiary education students do not know how to balance school work and their professional work, leaving one to gradually decline in the quality of its outcomes. Brand Ambassadors, event planners, and models are the 3 groups I have readily identified, in Cape Town, as being primarily students. In their pursuit of fame, money and acclaim in South Africa’s premier cosmopolitan city, they disregard the importance of getting the qualifications of that formal tertiary education. It’s not even about how you utilize the degree after you get it. This is a pessimistic and arguable point, but I’m not one to naively perceive the world. A degree allows a person a certain amount of ascribed respect. Not to devalue those who do not possess degrees, nor those with more business or life experience under their belt, but this is a world that prides itself on information exchange, and institutes that house this occurrence are revered.

Whether your degree correlates with the career you endeavor to have or not, it is good to have some substantial form of academic accolades to progress to the most prosperous of states. We students need to learn to prioritize. The problem is that most of us aren’t patient and calculating enough to predict the future, so we relentlessly pursue these job opportunities int he hopes that they will result in a lifelong paycheck that gets raised annually. The world is a marketing holocaust. Those with power in fields that govern the functioning of society, utilize their authority to dumb down the world into a shared consciousness that can easily be manipulated. To defend ourselves as free-thinking individuals, we need to combat the notion of assimilating to the powers objectives. The cultivation of our own consciousness stimulates the imagination, it warps our belief system into something utterly unique to ourselves. Learning is a defense mechanism to preserve ones own mind.

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