Horror Movie Appreciation

The ability that a filmmaker has to evoke actual, tangible fear in viewers is a weapon of specific destruction…and box-office triumph.

I am not a person who is in love with horror  movies. I hate being scared, but I do love shock moments and that is how I can appreciate horror movies. I’ve just been on several websites that are dedicated to pop culture legendary filmmakers, as well as horror movies that have contributed to a ridiculously large cult following because of either : the myths, make-up, brilliant acting, gore factor etc. We take the time to note Guillermo Del Toro and Quentin Tarantino -most renowned for psychological thrillers and gore in their movies. They inspire generations of producers and directors to defy and work with the norms of films, not to sell tickets, but to sell an experience.

I am a movie boffin like you’ve never seen, but I am partial to the American commercial horror flicks. Im talking the Underworld franchise, Ginger Snaps, Exorcist, Saw, and European horror movies like Human Centipede and Dog Soldiers, etc. You’ll note I have a particular adoration for Lycanthropy and Vampyre mythos.

Lycans, often referred to as Werewolves in layman terms, fall under the term “Lycanthrope“. The clearest and earliest depiction of a wolf man was on the wall in a cave. First accounted in the Book of Daniel , for 4 years King Nebuchadnezzar showed markers of being a Lycan. The Greeks had a legend of one King Lycaon of Arcadia , who was transformed into a wolf.His was the story that birthed the mythological beings name. Zeus transformed him after he had given the high God human flesh at meal times.Their mythological silhouettes are colored into captivating images in our imaginations. Humans crave mastery over our carnal shells-the id and the civilized persona, but the idea of being more than what one is, is seductive.

What do you think of horror movies?
Have you seen the latest trailers for 2013s greatest franchise revivals and latest weird concepts?

Astronaut deaths by unseen forces, Chucky coming back, American Horror Story ‘s TV Show to movie adaptation, Nazi undead etc.

Some of my friends went to see “The Conjuring”, based on real life accounts about dangerous supernatural events in a old house with a witchy past. This is a movie so scary I screamed without embarrassment when I watched the trailer during the day, in public. It has had a 3 year hype,and in South Africa, 5FM had an entire competition/advertising spectacle. They had in-cinema camera’s to document reactions. I still remain adamant about not watching it, but rumor has it that it was worthy of said praise.

Remember Freddy Vs. Jason?

How cool was Freddy’s make-up? Then a newer adaption was done of “Nightmare on Elm Street” featuring a kick-ass cast of Twilight heartthrobs, Award winning actors and Hollywood legends. The audience was given a psychological/supernatural movie with an full background of the lead character and a solid plot progression.

Multi-millionaire, award winning writer Stephen King has been praised for his mastery of the genre of horror and psychological thrillers. When “Carrie” first got made into a movie it manifested itself as a cult phenomena. It was a touch of old school class in delivering our inner sadist. The 2013 release of said “Carrie” has been critiqued for veering too far towards attempting to be a box office, and not an homage of classic dark cinema.

Have you ever seen the Japanese versions of The Grudge and The Ring?

Do you know that some filmmakers in Asia have started hiring psychologists to sit in with script writers and directors? Imagine someone who knows how the brain operates-its every crevice, helping to write something you will watch. That is scary for me, but for others its exciting. This is what horror movies are about. It is the scariness, the adrenalin rush of shock moments, that captivates them.

Now let's talk about stuff that have scared my pants off.

One: The Exorcist of Emily Rose

I don’t like stories based on real life events. That’s why I like supernatural . This movie was taken from “The Exorcist”. Inspired by a collection of accounts of actual religious exorcists around the world, and a need for filmmakers to bring a visual representation to these tales. I’m a university student with a very vivid imagination. Watching someone get attacked on their campus by unseen forces scared the heck out of me. I think the scariest thing was how this could happen to anybody. I am a coward so this did not sit well with me. Emily’s suffering was heart-wrenching. My faith and its strength was tested.

Two: Silent Hill


The story was A-typical predictable. The creepiest thing about this movie was literally everything. The set just oozed “I am haunted. I have stories of suffering and pain. Be scared”. The child actors, as is typical in EVERYTHING, are scare inducing. You guys know there’s nothing that freaks the old folks and younglings alike,like children with superpowers, or white nightdresses and long black hair.The video game that got birthed from this film kept to the spirit of this creepiness.

My predominant point is that the spirit of horror is not dead. Foreign films are quickly rising across the globe, as this genre brings money and prominent respect for returning to the truth of horrors.


*cue scream*

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