Colour Me Crazy

So when one is in South Africa, with nothing better to do as a 20-something year old, what do you do?

Well you party of course.

The 26th October 2013 saw me at West Coast Ostrich Ranch in Cape Town. I participated in a 5km “run” (it’s in inverted comma’s because we mostly strolled as amateur runners with no competitive streak). What followed was an extremely fun-filled day with food, powder throwing and a concert with a line-up featuring many national and international acts such as: Goodluck , Locnville (The Chaplin brothers now nominated for a EMA award) , IScream & The Chocolate Stix , DJ Roger Goode (in a statement sky-blue Superman onesie), Dean FUEL, Chris Taylor,Mixi and the Master of Ceremonies, Stephanie B .

Sponsored by insurance company FedGroup and hosted officially by Colour me Crazy , it was AWESOME!

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