I name you all that I am

“In the solitude of my cells I forged faith and a heady mass of conscious into being.

Tirelessly I sewed marrow and fictions of the ideal into the fabric of your form.

I fleshed you out in the grandeur of my thoughts.

You would be my crowning jewel.

Age came knocking and you twisted and wailed.

You! Small thing that you were, marked my soul with trails along this dark silhouette.

You begged for life and I shuddered in awe as you fought with the fire of the Furies.

Indeed,Hades looked on with pride.

I borne you into a world that spit on my feet and tore at my hands with crooked,broken teeth.

The same world that encompassed me,filled me with the plague of logical mediocre realities.

Years pass and I nurture you, honeysuckle and the essence oozing from my pores. The endorphines flow and the creative juices flow. OH!
Look how you’ve grown and yet stuck in the plains of limbo.

Hello my baby. I named you “My Dream”. -Written & Belonging entirely to Olwethu Klaas.

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