Festive Verisimilitude


I’ve been ‘Missing in Action’ for a while now owing to the fact that I’ve been committed to some serious family obligations of the traditional sort. I’ve had to migrate hundreds of kilometers to aid in the culminated closing of one of my cousins Bildungsroman ceremonies. While I was not initially keen, and woefully feeling thee highest waves of frustration, I did get the chance to represent my cultural roots in stunning traditional Xhosa apparel with some modern style twists.

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I can tell you now that residing,however temporary, in a township or rural setting will humble you.
Believe me not?
Dare to wash in a plastic tub/basin thingy for days on end and then get back to me.


Following that humble experience of a dystopic verse of my life I roadtripped home to Port Elizabeth,known under another name that brings with it esteem and wordly obligations- “Nelson Mandela Bay“.

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My mother made the mistake of allowing me full reign over music for the roadtrip, and in time-honored tradition I deviated almost entirely from what she’d love. My playlist included some of today’s best Indie rock,pop and feel-good blues.
Think along the lines of:

•Milo Greene – “What’s the matter?”
•Young the Giant – “Apartment”
•Metric – “Lost Kitten”
•Ornella Vanoni – “La Puntamento”
•Arno Carstens – “Another Universe”
•Woodkid – “Iron” [EP]
•30 Seconds to Mars – “End of all Days”
•Mumford & Sons – “White Blank Page”
•Gotye – “Eyes wide open”
•Weezer – “Island in the Sun”
•Joss Stone ft. Jamie Hartman – “Stalemate”
Foster the People – “Pumped up Kicks”

I only had practically a day to recover before I was shopping for Christmas apparel at my trust Woolworths, whose recent ad campaign chose to use South African-born Victoria Secret Angel and Highest paid model of 2012 Candice Swanepoel. Her limited edition “Candice shorts” are the epitome of skinny Hipster “festival going” chic. I,myself chose to buy a new leather jacket (my first EVER) and some neutral navy and white cotton and linen blend clothing.

When shopping is done and Christmas is nigh, I went onto Roadtrip 2.0- Port Elizabeth to Knysna. South Africa is notorious for its scenery and the Sunshine coast dazzled with carbon-emitting bumper-to-bumper traffic backdropped to a green pasture canvas,laden with well spaced out touristy things like the highest Bungy jump in the world, Snake parks, Wolf Sanctuaries, comfortable refreshment stops etc.


Knysna with my eerily dysfunctional family was a cramped,loud and happy. For once I wasn’t the only one young enough to do chores and could dictate my cousins like minions…aaaah, what sweet joy! (No abuse was implemented in the making of this awesome joyful feeling)

I think one thing that’s become so synonymous about black South Africans is meat and salads as meal staples, in the festive season. A christmas plate laden with 2 types of meat,6 salads is the epitome of indifference to general health guidelines.

…But boy does it taste awesome!

Knysna is one of the beacons of wealth in Africa and has properties on prime real estate,some even estimated at R 28 million. Spending a couple of days there was no hardship. I went to the township area with my mom and aunts, just off the main road and filled with dusty vibrant character.

At some point I hit Leisure Island which is as decadent as the title suggests.


Once that was done: Leisure Isle-the beach version of the water suburban area Leisure Island. Ended up having funzies with my camera and a beach bag filled with accessories,dresses and sarongs.

I had the most fun envisioning I was in Menaggio,Italy or Monaco.

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So, anyway, how was your holiday?

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