The refreshing taste of 2014

I really want to be profound…to spew words of wisdom with the soul purpose of moving an entire generation into positive action with a revered veneer of calm bad-assitude.

Alas! I am just another writer in the bloggersphere – Inconsequential to the magnitude that is the media hub, but none the less persistent in my endeavor to entertain myself and the voices in my head.

The year is 2014.

The Mayan calendar gave us a scare in 2012, perpetuated by cinematic juggernauts like “2012” and “The Day After Tomorrow”.

2013 was riddled with colossal breaches in powerful nations national security for the purpose of global warfare,but also for opening peoples minds to the triumphs and failures of society.

What truths does 2014 bring? Will humanity finally fall?

What patterns of mind-numbing calamity are hidden in the fabric of our future?

It’s utterly maddening to consider…so many variables!

OK! So forget my philosophical rant!

How goes the New Year for you? How did you spend it?


I didn’t hit a club like I’d planned, but I sure had a good time rekindling magical ties with high school mates and old acquaintances.


Also forged new relations and generally being awesome.


I rocked my favorite number by the now  internationally renowned fashion brand Milq & Honey.


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