Travel by Bus?

The semesters in South Africa are January to December, and as the new year is here,studies call. My university is scheduled for actual academic work to begin in February and I’m just rushing to sort out the nitty gritties of university living.

I spent the morning,and parts of the afternoon in bed getting my chill on. Considering I was scheduled to board a bus later on in the evening, you’d think packing was a prime objective, but noooooo, Ollie was chilled as a rich man’s Chardonnay. I was staring at my room, and once again,being in wonder of how cute and totally me it is. To better know me understand that books and bling are part of my package.

So anyway, I had to rush to the salon around 4pm because lo-and-behold I arrive in Cape Town looking like something a dog chunders out. I got my curls on and headed home to wallow in self misery and do some serious rush packing. I ended up with 3 suitcases loaded with my kick-ass apparel(c’mon, when is it not?), shoes galore and other necessities like 4 cases full of jewelry.

So anyway, while I found it sad to leave my home, made home only through the presence of my beautiful mother, I’m excited to head back to the place I found the truth of me in. Despite the 12 hour trip with a comfy bus called Greyhound,filled to the brim with pie-eating,baby-having,noise producing,gas excreting people,the trip is worth it. Even though I don’t have my own space, the inky black sky is my company and I’m lavishly prepared to sleep through its creepy regard of me. Buses are cool for those who can stand long hours and being uncomfortable in every possible way. I suggest air travel, and despite peoples fears, both have chances of you becoming a statistic anyway so just roll the dice and don’t forget your seatbelt.

As I travel to the mother city I note: Cape Town helped mold who you now know. I’m a figment imagined through a perfectly abstract idea and willed into being by the sheer force of belief, perseverance and through hustle.

So as I start a new year as a Postgraduate, I realize I’m so much more than that and pledge to prove it to myself alone because there is wonder in acknowledging your own magnificence.

PS: How neat are my current new loves? I decided to read 1 new and 1 old book from my vast collection of books: (new)”The Playboy Book of Horror and the Supernatural” & “Salems Lot” by Stephen King (old).

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