In and About Long Street,Cape Town

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Long Street is recognized as the international hub of Cape Town.

It boasts a large number of backpacker lodges, niche boutique stores,variations of food and alcohol, as well as restaurant themes, it has nooks and crannies of side streets leading to tourist attractions and vintage markets.

I affectionately refer to it as the world in one street, as it regularly plays host to people from places like Portugal, Germany,America and Australia. The accents flying about give one whiplash, given that South Africa alone has 11 official languages, each with its own unique accents and pronunciations. Walking down here is never boring.

Today I spent the day with one of my friends Kris, one of the many artsy-type hard workers of Cape Town’s buzzing metropolis. She introduced me to a health haven known as “Food Lovers Market”, for those willing to splurge on quality food made delectably well. I attempted to try everything but ended up with a delicious mix of pasta, Greek, and chicken salad with cheeky dressings of Lemon and Herb, as well as Sweet Chilli on top.

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While strolling about in my usual fashion I encountered the usual beautiful architecture of the Cape Town CBD area, and contemporary artworks splattered about.

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Many roamed the streets dressed fashionably and top global brands Topman ( of Topshop) and J&B were boasting impressive advertising ahead of the J&B Met 2014 #MadeToConquer , scheduled for the 01st February. I visited one of my favorite stores called “Second Time Around” which has been renovated and elevated to awesome levels of cute with the vintage apparel it sells.

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I even managed to walk onto a commercial set, as is customary when I walk these streets, because there is always some manner of filming going on that I never know about till I’m ushered beyond the barriers. Apparently this was for a German commercial starring model Anastasia Bondarenko dressed in a red Zalando dress. The marketing director I spoke to said that many,including them,choose Cape Town because of it’s consistency in weather. So all those winning German ads owe a debt of gratitude to the Mother god of the Mother City for her abundant blessings of sun.

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What did you get up to today?

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    knocking on wood and hoping! lol

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    LOL! There’s still tomorrow…bide your time.

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    Today, I’m at work wishing I could be enjoying life like you in these photos! 🙂

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