V&A Waterfront and all it’s wonders

PicMonkey Collage2Nestled in the booming underbelly of the home of decadent tastes Victoria & Alfred Waterfront in Cape Town, is a place called Mr Cobbs. It is a humbly sized treasure trove of antiquity and fine quintessential male grooming. Owned by said Mr Cobb, it boasts a large amount of grooming tools such as old-school blades and shaving cream brushes with Ivory or pure silver handles each crafted meticulously. The man himself is a debonair man with an age one could probably estimate in Sean Connery years.

I sat down and spoke to Mr Cobb. He and I had a long conversation about all things philosophical,history and the nature of human behavior. He told me his life story in a concise package, and I found generosity and insightful in his handling of his workers and customers. The fine establishment he has has Oakwoods and Cherrywoods originally from England, accompanied well with the Leather Barber chairs, gold-plated appliances and  the monogrammed everything in the shop.

I found the place an utter delight.

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Isabelina is a shop specializing in the miscellaneous interior decorating.

They sell aesthetically pleasing household necessities: Lamps and light fixtures made with tassels or wooden pieces, mirrors with silver plated edges, fresh flowers ready to be placed on richly decorated formal table set-ups, jewelry,etc.

They have a wonderful area utilized to show every piece in the best light,complemented by neighboring items suited to the ambiance. It’s something worthy of even Top Billing’s praise.

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Menswear is something I am obsessed with. Because they currently lack variety in their apparel, men use quality as their marker of difference, and it is exquisite. Fabiani is a fashion brand specializing in dressing the modern man:no longer singularly Metrosexuals, but redressing the balance of what constitutes masculinity and changing mentalities associated with classifying according to style.

Their ranges are usually stagnant in the cut of apparel,however,the vibrant colors teamed with textured fabrics make their clothing wardrobe must-haves. Bespoke has been all the rage and Fabiani,along with brands like Polo, Topman,Paul Smith and Zara use that to garner interest and steady revenue. The V&A location is ideally suited to appealing to people because one dresses for the image they want and Waterfront is the epitome of wealthy classy indifference.

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Unlike the rest of the world suffering under cold weather, South Africa is lucky for the sunshine and the Spring/Summer collections by many fashion houses speak to woman searching for that lovely fresh,but functional look. Burnt orange is in, as is the trend of recycling 80s looks since Dungarees make their triumphant return and Construction workers wearing jumpsuits are stylish.

V&A had a ridonculous amount of Sales going on from 30% right up to 70% off. Mango, Topshop, and Zara have been in Cape Town from 1-3yrs and they’ve been driving South Africans and tourists crazy. Affordable clothing with a name attached synonymous with style and quality is enough to render any true shopaholic euphoric. I love the Zara accessories – they are replicated beautiful wonders of great pieces worn by royalty and the likes.

PS: Burberry’s latest purse in red leather is a thing of beauty.

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Some snapshots of street style in the vicinity of V&A Waterfront.

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This is Cape Town, South Africa, and me, saying “Till next time!” xx

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