Literature Review: “A South African Dictionary”

“Light, entertaining read. Well executed in its own context.”

Siyabonga Nyezi’s contribution to literature begins with a booklet that presides over South Africa’s biggest figures, most controversial stories, and  the behavioral mannerisms South African’s have endearing termed. Using the careful innate judgement of a fledgling navigating the crevices of politically correct phrasing and hindsight learned through real-time social media, he harnesses the negativity often evident in media in order to better explain to the layman what perceptions are, and where the facts lead.

As a booklet it does its job of entertaining , while for those who do not keep up with South African news may find themselves not understand the blatant double entendre’s used, nor the long-standing joke of South African black people’s pronunciation.

It reads like thoughts marinated in a vat of self-conscious reflexivity, and a stew of indifferent recollections of stories shared over beers and late night twitter rants.

For many South Africans it’s an overview of the ultimate fail that is our public figures, while for people like me, it is a meditation on the human condition, as well as just being a great piece to compare your life to, and laugh at the utter ludicrousness of a 21st century South Africa.

I give it a 7/10 in the hopes that a publishing firm will requisition Siyabonga Nyezi, yes that guy, for a fully fledged book so he can expand on his content enough to encompass many more quickly appearing terms,people and behaviors, and catalog them in a novelesque-type situation, with the same tempo and voice that made this booklet a good read.

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