Looks to live by 2014

On Valentines day I had a photoshoot with Live Magazine (SA)


I basically had a 4 day “Style Diary”.

My handler, and the writer of my bio-of-sorts is Terry Sithole.

My pictures were by Ashleigh Swartz.



The beauty of Cape Town is that it is an ideal location for shoots. This is why a large amount of advertisements/commercials and movies are filmed here.


I was in the vicinity of Greenpoint and ran into South African-born international stand-up comedian Trevor Noah.


timthumb (1)

How jealous are you?


DSC_1488 “When it comes to style I see myself most clearly articulated in queued-up stilettos, the folded-up pieces of colorful material, and the antiquated jeweler box laden with the collective masses of her pieces of awesome bling .

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