Partying in Cape Town: March 2014

The party season has commenced in Cape Town.

We are bombarded with advertisements left-right-and-center  on university campuses,radio shows,television shows and social networks like twitter,tumblr,instagram and facebook.

One of the leading event and street wear brands – ‘Head Honcho’ founded by one of Forbes “30 most promising young entrepreneurs in Africa’ Nick Kaoma- has been having back-to-back events between Shimmy Beach Club and Hillcrest Quarry.


Their events are usually geared towards the youthful exuberance of the resident “cool kids”. Cape Town is a cosmopolitan media city and the attendees to these events are usually photographers, bloggers,magazine designers,fashion designers,Communications and Journalism students, brand ambassadors, and trust fund babies with prepubescent small businesses who are all willing to ball so hard.

So I attended the Head Honcho Summer Picnic, and it was the first one from the La Familia franchise.I rocked a summer dress and a lovely jacket by the international fashion brand Milq & Honey.


So much fun with good weather, great music including a repertoire of South African musicians etc.

PicMonkey Collage

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