Academic Excellence

Sorry for being MIA, but I’ve been doing big things.

Mainly, I had my graduation ceremony on Monday and spent the better part of the last weekend with my family. My mom surprised me with my cousins and aunt showing up.

Fun times!

I rocked a pair of gorgeous Steve Madden stilettos because I do everything with style, and I was literally the tallest person in the hall. It was all kinds of empowering.

So I’m a 20 year old graduate in South Africa, with a world of prospects.

I’m bored, I want to cover Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week: Johannesburg but I haven’t been hired by any media platforms yet (suckitude) AND I totally got media accreditation for Cannes International Film Festival but I still have no financial backing. Anyone wanna sponsor me?

Aaaaaaanyway, how are yall doing?

PS: Feel free to drop comments regarding how cute my shoes are.

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