Woman’s Lifestyle Expo 2014: Day 2

Another day, and another opportunity to be awesome.

Gorgeous dresses were to be had- This one by Jo Carlin.


Leather Jackets were drawing folks nearer – even though the designs were utterly stagnant.


Day 2 meant the fashion brand Cigar set up their mannequins so well and the crisp and refreshingly clean ensembles appealed to me.


Novelty purchases for home decor were there in the f*ckloads-Miyu made these earth-tone items.


There was a company(Dura Lavora) that was promoting their company which is the epitome of the capitalist endeavor- they import, advertise and sell most items that celebrities make famous and all. The Fake Bake tan thing was cool though because it didn’t make me a different shade, it made me glow…I was all kinds of Midas gorgeous.


…and given my sweet tooth, seeing those stands with baked goods and loaded colorful icing just activated my munchies.


I got a facial done, and it included eyelash tinting which means that I don’t need fake lashes because my lashes pop more now.


Present at Day 2 was celebs like Danine from Expresso and Tammy from Good Hope FM.



Sunglasses were thee most important accessory given the gorgeous weather at the event deck, and folks had some real cute ones.


I managed to get my nails done. It was a lovely experience given by Eyecandy whose personnel were warm and who articulated the origins and development of their business and goods. I got a hot pink  nail polish put on with a Matte finish, and velvet coating on my 2 ring fingers.

PicMonkey Collage

The best part of the entire expo, for me, was the VIP Wine tasting. The table set-up was utterly pretty and decadent. Rhebokskloof  is the name of a wine-making brand. They allowed us to sample some of their wines paired with different organic chocolates from Cocoa Fair and Tribe Coffee.

Sauvignon Blanc teamed with white vanilla chocolate (My favorite)

Chardonnay with Dairy Milk Chocolate

Cabernet Merlot and Dark Chocolate

Pinotage and Chilli Dark Chocolate

PicMonkey Collagenn

In it’s entirety the event was a solid 6.5/10

I understand the exclusivity of promoting an event that wishes to relay advice and products geared to woman’s lifestyles. However, appealing to the men of the world as needing to invest their time in understanding the wants and needs of woman would have been good. I love that the event was not overtly crowded, but rather filled with folks who would take the time to listen to the speakers and business heads, and purchase the products and services. The organizers and their teams were so helpful and I look forward to next year and the Woman’s Lifestyle Expo evolution.


 That’s me in MilQ&Honey leggings and Ray-Ban sunnies.

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