Woman’s Lifestyle Expo: Day 1

I recently got invited to the 2014 Woman's Lifestyle Expo from the 18-20th April.
The event took place at one of the premier locations in the Cape Town metropolis – The Lookout, which is between Victoria & Alfred Waterfront and my favorite party location “The Grand.
The premise of this event is to identify the necessary things that make woman bask in their femininity, acknowledge and promote the investment in woman’s well-being…and just a little indulgence in some decadent quality goods and services.
For the media breakfast we had some kitsch finger food, despite the organizers promising a hearty breakfast. I found the large variety of dishes appealing, the quantities disappointing, and the taste was bland-lacking in an activation of taste-buds and a good experience of organic foods.
The Champagne was awesome though!
There have been alot of beauty and fashion brands showcasing their goods and services – both local and international.
Uber is a global business founded on the demand in the market for convenient and affordable transportation. I practically did not spend a dime this whole weekend, Uber: Cape Town was my ultimate mid-town transport. It was on-time, professional and provided many attendees with vouchers for up to R150 for the duration of the event.
Sloane&Madison – a jewelry company with luxury shopping online (4/10 for their jewelry. They are too simple a design for my taste)
Lazuli- A fashion house I saw showing at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week: Cape Town last year. Their items are those that are designed as durable staple products that outfits are built around. (7/10 because the quality of fabrics remind me of Woolworths products I like lining my wardrobe with)
Perfect- A fashion brand producing those trendy items from Streetstyle Lookbooks (5/10 because of the cuteness)
Label- another fashion label with 28-45 year old looking market designs (2/10 because there was this cute wool jersey with leather elbow patches and edges I saw)
Boheme- “conscious and chic designer footwear, interior design and installation” (2/10 because a company that does shoes and furniture leaves me wierded out and the shoes could be found at any other chain store in town)
PicMonkey Collage
Spilt Milk- a fashion brand whose owner is really chill and whose designs are perfect for rich folk living by the beach. Last time I viewed their collection at Fashion Week, the simple designs were covered by a wicked and distracting Carnival theme. ( 3/10)
Miche- Okay they have an incredible concept for their bags. You have multiple shells with thee cutest designs you can buy with magnets inside, and the inside bag is of cloth make. All you do is change according to your mood. ( 6/10 for innovation and affordability as none of their bags or shells go above R1 000)
Jagadi Couture- I know everyone else hated the dress, but if I was heading to Cannes International Film Festival this year I would rock this dress because it is out there, form-fitting and just a little unrefined- the perfect reflection of my style on occasion. (6/10)
PicMonkey Collagerf
Other fashion brands include Cigar, as well as companies for coffee, jewelry etc. 
Rubbery necklaces imported from Paris
PicMonkey ss 
This lady reminds me of Vivienne Westwood and her eccentricities.
The Pole Project- My friend, and owner of one of the fashion houses presenting at the expo(Milq & Honey), Kelly, decided to take a chance on the pole and had such funzies. The pole presentation of the company’s head dancers was awesome, and I’d totally be keen to take classes
…soon as I lose my cellulite and build-up some solid core strength.
There were fellow bloggers and photographers on the premises, including: Denzil Jacobs, Clouds Drummond, Elrico Bellingam, Ritza Janse Van Rensburg, Angel Campey etc.
 I rocked a Kelso turquoise top with my custom-made Linen pants and Zoom stilettos.
Street style was intense at the event. The girl in blue is rocking a MilQ & Honey ensemble.
The threesome is reminiscent of the Kardashians right?
Cloud Drummond soaking the sun on deck.
The incredibly stylish duo of the Luxo Blog – Ritza and Elrico.
…..Day 2 summary to follow.


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