21st Birthday Wish List 2014

So it’s happening…

I can see the wrinkles forming, the garrison calling, my fate no longer stalling.

I recently had my students do an essay on what a birthday means, and some of the things they pointed out made me realize the extent of the coming responsibilities I’ll have.

On the 09th of June 2014 I turn 21.


Anyway, it’s not that I don’t want to age but I had clear goals set for my 21st and none of them will be panning out. I wanted to be at one of my dream universities, New York University, and celebrating my coming of age singing cliché tunes tone-deaf through some street in Manhattan or Williamsburg. At some point I thought maybe turning 21 would mean I’d be ascending…maybe waking up at 12:05, the exact time of my birth and finding I have superpowers because my life is a DC Comic satire. I wanted to be on a train in Europe maybe, ushering my 21st with an epic trip from London to Amsterdam for a night of questionable wonder. Sometimes I think agents will usher me into the back room of a restaurant to tell me who I really am – you know, something Epic!

As like many of my dreams, this is unlikely to pan out.

While significance can be found in 21st birthday celebrations, such as the symbolism of getting a 21st key handed to you by a parent, I find myself thinking it will be like any other day. I’ve never really celebrated my birthday they way others have…not since I was really young. Low-key or nothing at all has become the norm. I think it’s because my birthday always fell during exams in this part of the world so most people forgot.

Anyway, I was meditating on my awesomeness and decided to blog a short list of  dream Birthday gifts this year.

Am I weird that I’ve never wanted a car?

Here goes:

PicMonkey Collage

Tomorrowland Tickets- Steve Aoki’s baby is an incredible music festival experience. I’m a fan of amazeballs visual stimulation so a week-long partyfest with music, fellow music lovers, hipster locales , and a combo of gorgeous Eurofolk etc. is the coup de gras of awesome.

San Diego Comic convention COME ON! It’s COMIC FRIKKEN CON! This needs no explanation. I’d sell your soul and your grandmother for VIP All-Access passes. It’d probably settle the debate the voices in my head argue about: Marvel Vs. DC


Canon Camera: I’ve been drooling for a blogger camera for more reasons than simple want. I found out that quality pictures pay, and since I have a knack for photography apparently, It’d be awesome to get one of these Canons.

They’d also be awesome for Fashion Weeks. I can never get good photos, despite front row seats or whatever.

Samsung Camcorder: I kind of have a predisposition to adore Cinema, and I really wanna go to Tisch, which is a branch of New York University. I’d really like to apply there but you need to turn in video footage of a short film you made . Since I started working at HitRECordJOE as a freelance contributor, it’d also be awesome to add to my artistic repertoire.

PicMonkey Collage

30 Seconds to Mars: My favorite  band in the history of whatever. I would sell my soul LITERALLY to get the VIP Adventure in Wonderland package for their concert in Cape Town come June. I wanna meet Jared, Tomo and Shannon. This is not a beautiful lie, nor a perfect denial. YES! Lyrical reference folks.

New York City plane ticket: My blog is like an homage to all things New York. Most people have dreams that are careers

…but my dream is a city.

Getting to go to New York would be the highest point of my life. It’s the end game though so it’s okay if I only get to go when I’m like 28. I have plans to buy a building in Brooklyn.

….So yeah! That’s my birthday wish list. XX

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