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One word pretty much sums up why I’ve had an inconsistency in blogging for the past few weeks: Examinations.

Despite being in Postgraduate studies, I am still subject to the quintessential varsity experience of being marked according to what I retain in memory (which isn’t much) and what I understand (which usually fluctuates dramatically).

Anyway, I spent a couple of weeks prepping and spent 83 continuous hours on one, and a collective total of 35hrs on the others. I am beyond tired! So, after finishing the last paper on Friday at 04:30 am, sleeping for 4 hours, waking to hand in my examination for Methodology and Contemporary Sociological Theory, I decided to treat myself on my own well-earned dime.

My friends and I went to a little Bistro-style restaurant in Rondebosch, Cape Town; It’s called ‘The Hussar Grill’.


It serves some incredible food – one able to have a full 2 course meal for under R100.00 c.

I had a Cream of Butternut Soup Starter with a sliver of toasted bread. My 2nd course was a 200g 21 day aged Sirloin, topped with mushroom-optional dressing served alongside a bed of potato fries, with side dishes of spinach, and cinnamon butternut.

The entirely scrumptious tastebud delight was washed down with a cold glass of Appletizer.

PicMonkey Collage

I thoroughly enjoyed the decor of the restaurant. In deviation for the neon bright colors and cheap neo-plastic decor favored by many fast-food chains and niche coffee joints, The Hussar Grill combines the classic bistro vibe with the intimacies of in-home Scottish decor using a combination of antiquities, quality aged wines, crisp white tables and waitress-staff apparel.

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Even the bathrooms are decorated with diner warmth-portraits are on every wall in the bathrooms and restaurant walls, signed by icons of different industries.


A solid 8/10 for the entire experience.

After the hearty luncheon, we departed toward the CBD, deciding to walk a little of lunch away. We went from the Cape Town Station, via City Hall, to the heart of Cape Town’s tourist hotspots: Long Street. ‘ I rocked my grey Woolworths viscose jumpsuit with some bling that borders on haute Street couture.

PicMonkey Collagedw

Neighborhood’ is a restaurant/bar with a optimal Long Street placement, a media presence following rave reviews and the occasional international celebrity visitors, as well as being one of the only few places in South Africa that serves Curly fries (my favorites) and Nachos. Their Mojitos are that tasty goodness where the drunkness creeps up on you. I had me a Classic Mojito, a Spice Mojito and a Orange & Cinnamon Mojito.

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The strawberry Daiquiri’s taste like Slush puppies/icies/slurpies…had my eyes poppin out with their refreshing, albeit non-alcoholic tastingness.[yes, that’s a word!]

PicMonkey Collageo;

While at the restaurant I spotted some folks with really well-crafted Menswear.

Since South Africa is currently in it’s Autumn/Winter 14 phase, trenchcoats, boots, Letterman Jackets,Chinos and leather satchels are in.

This bag owned by one of the restaurant patrons was lovely, set in the design of old-school lecturer bags.


What followed the chillfest at Neighborhood’, was a 12 hour pub crawl through Long Street-from Bobs Bar (whose Dj sucked majorly), Capellos, to Club 169.

I’ve never had an experience where every piece of music I could want played is delivered at the same time, in one night and by one Dj’s set. I thoroughly enjoyed the Dj at Club 196 and hardly left the dancefloor.

This was the entire party gang from the night!



….how did you spend your weekend good people?

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