Bokeh South African International Fashion Film Festival (Fashion Day 2)

Day 2 of the Mercedes-Benz Bokeh South African International Fashion Film Festival was riddled with tempestuous style.

Fashion shows always begin with the designers and the models working in accord, and this event held no small supply of them. Before working the runways, the striking models from renowned agencies like Full Circle were seen chilling around the Crossley & Webb studio in cavalier style.

models on the move

Not to be outdone, attendees showed off their winter style in varying degrees of layering. I love the “boots work with everything” vibe.

Trench coats,fur,jerseys and leather are the order of the day.female streetwear

Tweed, Brogues and formal leather brown shoes are not for men alone.

The men of Cape Town are not to be outdone by the woman. A Fashion Festival brings out all matter of niche style where beards and hair color are accessories to be used as meticulously as jewelry in apparel adornment.


Vintage apparel, traditional African prints and contemporary gold-bar accessory trends etc. Bloggers and media personnel have their fingers on the vain of plush fashion vibes in the Southern African sphere. We love these geometric prints.


I had lunch with my friends at a lovely bistro-style restaurant called “Knead”.??????????

Who knew a Hot Dog could be so amazing!



Alexander and T-Micheal.

I frikken love these guys.

Every day they were dressed impeccably.


OW GOSH! I blame Pharrell Williams!

The Vivienne Westwood hat made an appearance at the Fashion Film Festival.


Jeans,boots and leather jackets are timeless pieces of everyone’s wardrobes, and these 3 models rock them well in different individual styles.DSCN2721

Viktorija Pashuta and Miguel Gaulthier bring the style for another day


These guys slay my fashion bone!??????????

While writing, taking pictures and networking I encountered David Tlale’s latest collection.

In a motif best described as midnight, I recognized the regality of these formal pieces worked by some striking models.

tlale Before the fun of the Red Carpet I had a little drama. Turns out I had to present for Day two for Pana Television and was not prepared for action, having arrived in relaxed day wear.

Thankfully, Alma, the head of one of the premiere Proudly South African fashion brands “Spilt Milk” saved me. She outfitted me in some incredible dramatic gettup that would have Maleficent jealous: Leather shoulder pieces attached to a velvet shoulder throw, and a high-waist white skirt with a long trail.

I had the blessing of GHD and M.A.C to do my make-up and the experience was so decadent and relaxing I’m tempted to hire a personal team at my

Icon-worthy fashion designer Beatriz Penalver and I working white sophistication. DSCN2669


The red carpet had a myriad of classy sophistication,voluptuous curves, rich textured fabric, tailored menswear suits, and wicked pointy stilettos.

redcarpet rc

Another night of being Awesome.

Fashion Photographer Viktorija Pashuta snapped in a gorgeous Ceres pink and gold gown worthy of international Red Carpet award shows.


 Quite the event this Mercedes-Benz Bokeh South African International Fashion Film Festival right?

I had alot of fun, predominantly in networking,eating,fashion and the filmmaking.

I do hope you’ll take the time to come through next year…wherever you are in the world deary’s!

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