I grew up. I realized

Dear Diary:
My handwriting changes in every stroke I dance onto the page in interpretive technique.

Strange this!

Is this part of growing up?
Is this an epiphany? Enlightenment seems too poignant a word to use in this realization of sorts.

See as I write I…I grew up. I realized:

Dumbledore left Harry in an abusive household,
Dobby proved defiance from authority is sometimes warranted,
And hanging onto good memories,however brief, are a part of producing the prerequisite Patronus adulthood requires.

I grew up. I realized:

The Bible was not meant to be a stagnant step-by-step manual to living,
And Priests aren’t bereft of misdeeds so who then, do they confess to?
I contemplated that God’s words spoken through Jesus’s actions were meant to guide around perilous journeys in human lives blessed with unpredictability from the almighty’s conceptualization.

I grew up. I realized:

The church and temples religions speak of are actually embodied in my existence as I am the epitome and conduit of a higher power’s magnitude.

I grew up. I realized:

TV and films could teach me so much if I took the time to listen to what I perceive as worthy.

I grew Up. I realized:

University was just another realm to learn better understanding for what others are already living,
I realized hope and despair, while I grew up to decadence and heart-wrenching fear.

I grew up. I realized:

Growing old is mandatory while growing up is optional.

I grew up. I realized:

Poetry transcended words and became taste,scent,sound,touch and simply freedom.

I grew Up. I realized:

You reading this is a type of legacy.

I grew up, and grew down, and remained somehow in-between, grappling with the fact that 21 means nothing, and that I am insignificant in the grand scheme of the big bang!

I grew up.

I realized that one day you are going to die and that I should get used to it…and that is when life screamed at me in its intensity.

                                                                                   ….And I lived.

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