Film Review in Session: Transformers 4 – Age of Extinction

I don’t know what you guys were saying on twitter…busy heckling for no reason.

I just watched ‘Transformers 4’ and IT. WAS. AWESOME!

Okay, so first thing first: We all love the precocious anxious levity of Shia LaBeouf’s acting delivery as it proved instrumental in initially establishing the Transformers movies as beyond childish indulgences of visual engagement. His time, as well as the initial 3-movie cast with the likes of Megan Fox, Tyrese and Josh Duhamel, has concluded.

We enter the next great Transformer adventure with the Autobots being vilified by the American human defense organization, because of money,security and world domination…you know: the usual!

The world might perish, there’s evolutionary history of Earth and Tranformers, there are knights, metal hellhounds, and cars worthy of Top Gear episodes.

There’s a swag’d out evil/assassin Transformer that tricks out into a Lamborghini I would kill for.

There is an all-star cast including names like:
Mark Wahlberg(Four Brothers, The Departed) as Cade Yeager, a hot single dad and struggling driven inventor; Stanley Tucci(The Hunger Games)as Joshua Joyce, the narcissistic and arrogant head of KSI who wants to build his own Transformers(The Dinobots);Kelsey Grammer as Harold Attinger, a post-self-serving veteran CIA agent who founded the ‘Cemetery Wind’ initiative to eliminate all Transformers from Earth;Nicola Peltz, Jack Reynor, Sophia Myles, Li Bingbing,and Titus Welliver.

There are exotic locations, and Michael Bay and Steven Spielberg bring the all that makes films a worthwhile experience.

Bumblebee was giggle-worthy with him having to face a Dinobot advertised as “an upgraded Bumblebee”…you’d think humans would have learned never to mess with the original.
There were moments of cute one-liners and situational comedy, but I missed a lot of the lightness the prior 3 movies had. No one liked seeing an un-epic Optimus Prime so the whole movie centered on Autobots that weren’t adored and awesome brought sadness.

However predictable the story, this 4th Transformers movie will appeal to the older consumers. It is dark in a way that leaves you contemplating the extent of humans inhumanity.
Optimus Prime, who wants championed for a safe earth free of evil galactic intervention, is hurt,shamed and hunted in a way that strips him of his very belief in us, simply for the composition of his being.

On it’s own legs, Transformers 4 ranks a 7/10 at best, and there’s a 10/10 ranking for awesomeness because Optimus Prime tamed and rode a FRIKKEN TRANSFORMER DINOSAUR!

I applaud Mark Wahlberg’s performance, as he, once again, uses his innate coolness to shock eager satisfaction from audiences when we catch glimpses of softness and goodness in his character.

To the person who orchestrated the sets: KUDOS!
Practically each frame had a different texture to it when watching the film, and while many might miss the extraordinary details that go into set construction, we can appreciate the grand narrative even more because of the total colorful and visual experience.

I’m one of those hypocrites that jump from purist to franchise-‘whore’, and while I would have been okay with the Transformers franchise concluding as a trilogy, Transformers 4 brings it’s own swag to the game.

Most will criticize the movie for it’s archetypal Hollywood blockbusterness, but I think the franchise is to be commended. This is not meant to be a troubling biopic or drama. These are movies that metamorphazise from comic books to action figures,and finally landing in cinema. They are meant to be bubblegum eyesore bouts of pleasure that is both exhilaratingly adrenalin-pumping, and make one reminiscent of the idealized potential everything and everyone has to be heroes in a world that’s currently changing too rapidly to reign control over.

PS: Am I. The only one that picked up on Mark Wahlberg’s character name “Cade Yeager” as a nod to a pending franchise collision between Transformers, “Pacific Rim” and the techapocalypse of “Battleship: Los Angeles”?

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  1. Lady_Crunk says:

    I get that! I don’t really care much about movie lengths when they’re good hey.

    ..and thanks!

  2. CMrok93 says:

    A part of me had some fun, but another part of me just wish it wasn’t so damn long. Nice review.

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