House Stark

In case you ever wondered who the number 1 ‘Game Of Thrones‘ fan is in South Africa – It’s ME!



I was not about to let anyone else have that glorious title, so I pulled a Lannister and killed off the competition with a blatant statement that combines everything I love – art, movies, fandom and Direwolves.

I saw Kit Harington(Jon Snow) and Robert Downey Jr. (Iron man/Tony Stark) wearing these T-shirts, reppin’ House Stark swag, and I couldn’t resist.

I love Arya Stark and I just had to show my fangirl!


Now many people believe any other country, save US of A and  UK is behind with the times when it comes to this franchise. You’ll be surprised to find out that mot of the country with access to internet connections watch the show with vigor. Obviously live streaming defeats the masses because no one wants to pay for anything in life. I, myself, utilized my self-taught cyber skills to acquisition a Go-Code and an open connection to the HBO site. Given time zones, I stay up till 04:00am on Sunday/Monday to watch the show as it airs, while everyone else catches it Monday and Tueday afternoons on the net.

…and I also lord the fact that I know the shows major spoilers, and what season 5 & 6 entails. 

(-_-) Don’t judge me! It’s not my fault I get the script before releases.

How many of you guys have done that whole: “Make your own House sigil” from the HBO site? It’s neat right? I made my own this one time.

JoinTheRealm_sigil (2)

Anyway, I’m still petitioning to get the cast to film near South Africa, or atleast come over for a publicity tour.

In the meantime tell me: “What house is your favorite?”

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