Rocking Cocoa

Theobroma Cacao (or simply cocoa) ROCKS!
Honestly, I’d sell my soul and several family members for a lifetime supply of chocolate.
No joke! I totally would.
I have an insatiable sweet tooth, and chocolate ranks as my favorite.
While working in Woodstock, I came across a chocolate wonderland called RocoCocoa. 
It is in a place called The Palms, and is primarily a restaurant/cafe.
I die for everything on their menu, but their reputation as Chocolate connoisseurs precedes them.
I got to take a mini-tour, learn the history of chocolate, talk to the faces behind those masterful creations of decadence, and taste some of their creations.
They have a great ambiance in that place.
…or maybe Im still riding the chocolate fumes!
Their Belgium chocolate makes the Chocachinos I’m addicted to, absolutely sinful.’
You can sit down or have a take away of a wide assortment of food, baked goodies and drinks.
They have fun quotes on their walls that just speak to the fat girl I am.
Their prices are also not that steep for the quality of goods they deliver.
Their site had the tastiest little quote on it:

“Follow the ambrosia of Rococoa, in the heart of the mother city and have a lingering Cocoa encounter.”

Tel: 021 461 2301
Location: Store A018, West Wing, Ground Floor.

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