I got my dream camera

You guys remember my Birthday Dream List right?

Well, one of the things that was on there was a camcorder and a new camera.

Well, I’ve been working tirelessly for 2 months and I finally got enough scraped together to get myself one of my dreams.

Many people have recommended different places to buy cameras. For the frugal minded and realistic, scouring Game, Makro, and Incredible Connection catalogs seems the way to go. For the supremely conglomerate-minded worker bees, buying straight from the camera patent owners seems the right thing to do.

The best advice I got was from one professional photographer who told me about B&H Photography, based in New York City, that ships reliably to South Africa. She also told me about a place I had heard about around the Cape Town photographer/blogger circuit.

It’s the place I finally scored my camera from, and it is called Orms.


Known as a reliable and cost-effective option for people all over the world, Orms caters to every kind of camera-seeking need you can have.

I arrived at their store after losing myself in a walk around Gardens in Cape Town. The shop has the smell of freshly ground coffee permeating the air, saturating my creative hipster mind in the warmth of new technology and a warm ambiance.

After getting briefed on the benefits and drawbacks of certain kinds of cameras from different brands, I found myself purchasing the Canon EOS 1100D camera and it’s lens, with a 8GB memory card, and a carry bag.


They’re really sweet!


I am absolutely pleased as punch, and cannot wait to begin my photography adventure in true amateur blogger style.


Apparently the purchase of one of these cameras includes a free intro class on how to use the cameras, so if you’re interested you know what to do:



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