Stepping about in Woodstock

I’m a fan of taking long walks into unfamiliar territory purely for the purpose of sight-seeing and rediscovering a forgotten landscape.

So I got on a train, took a 30min+ train ride, and spent the day in another corner of Cape Town

…and now you get to see the amateur photography I used to capture the rustic, indie hipster, and chic corners I found in one of Cape Towns most popular neighborhoods.

I began at the Old Castle Brewery.


It is currently the location of several corporate businesses, but it also has a cute little cafe nestled in the far edge of the property.

The building was internally reworked, but from the outside it retains its most famed rustic redbrick and statuesque structure.

A hop, skip, and jump over the train tracks and main road, and you’ll enter Alberts Road – home to many businesses from car service companies, furniture stores, art galleries and restaurants, all currently based in quintessential Eurocentric architectural structures that date back to the early 1900s. The backdrop of the worlds 8th wonder, Table Mountain, gives this area a really majestic ambiance.


I love window shopping, so I popped into many a shop, including one called “The Depot“, that sells an assortment of things.


I came to find a restaurant calledThe NOB, which sounds offensive, but is kind of awesome because its code for, and serves “No Ordinary Burgers”.



Their interior designing is the epitome of manly appeal, and includes car bumpers lining the walls, diner bar stools, tattooed personnel, and games.

 ??????????I really dig the artwork, and my outfit!


Don’t forget the homage to graphic novels, pulp fiction comic books, and the pseudo-religious Sons of Anarchy quotes to live by.

??????????  ??????????

Following that, I went on a pilgrimage to The Old Biscuit Mill. This is a well-known place that has seen visitors like Gordon Ramsey and Solange Knowles.


You can find food, decor, designer apparel, decadent splurges, and practical necessities there.

What has become quite popular for tourists and international buyers, is African skin and patterns designed into unique apparel. These shoes are made of various animal skins and fabrics, made by South Africans, and distributed by them. Most of the shops in the area are committed to fostering a flourishing South African economy, job creation and investing back into ones country is the 1st step.

While I can appreciate and support that endeavor, you’d never see me don these shoes. They don’t appeal to my style bone. I’m partial to understated monochrome minimalist apparel in general.

I fell in love with these Quinton Tarantino and Vogue covers artworks!


...coming up next: Chocolate tasting and baking wonderlands!


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