Long Street shopping: Ball so hard

While searching for an outfit for an event I’m attending come Saturday, I decided to take my new baby out for a test run.

Long Street and a good budget presented the perfect time for a whole expedition.

I’ve written constantly about Long Street, it’s certifiably one of Cape Town’s best tourist attractions, and boasts a compelling amount of foreigners, things to do, and things to buy.

I hit up alotta shops, one of which is now my favorite – Afraid of Mice.


Vintage and 2nd hand never looked this good, and cost so little.

I love the decor and the L.A.M.B bag I coveted.


Long Street has lots of art studios, bars and other such establishments that cultivate the arts. It’s evident in the graphic art on buildings.


We also have really cute side cafes littering the entire neighborhood. It makes it easier for the shopaholics and business folk to take a break from their routine.


This cafe reminds me so much of cute niche bars and cafes in SoHo.



Fashion is my milieu and I found a shop further up the street, nestled next to a surf store and vintage store. I met some really great people there, swapped business cards, and browsed their catalogs of colorful, and beautifully crafted pieces made from quality fabric – All Proudly South African.

PicMonkey Collage

Inspired by Ari Seth Cohen, I captured a moment of Advanced Style on the streets.


Saw a really sunny shop!


…and my friend Kris caught me on camera during our lunch date.


 I LOVE Babette and Journey. Got some great stuff so stay tuned!


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