Blogging and networking 2.0

I’ve been talking to alot of people lately who are interested in starting blogs, but lack direction.

There are a few things one needs to understand about the bloggersphere:

  • Be in it for the enjoyment.

It’s really hard to sustain momentum doing something if you’re straining yourself, and not waking up constantly with the happiness of doing something you like.

For some, blogging is a job. I have no judgement for someone approaching it that way; After all: To each, his own. However, when you’re looking at something whose definition is already rooted in human pleasantries, understanding the way it works becomes vital. Blogging developed from technological developments in instant communication. It manifested itself singularly as an online diary, and is the way I look at it today.

Blogging is lucrative to those who want to engage in that business of exchange and such. Blogging is also a wealth of personal reflexivity. It allows for a meditation of yourself and your thoughts. It is also a platform of engaging your hobbies and networking. My enjoyment comes from doing all of this purely for myself.

  • Whether it’s food blogging, fashion, travel, literature,sport etc. ensure you’ve set up your blog to be compatible to the content.

WordPress and blogspot have really great themes to set your blog up with. I started at Blogspot but WordPress felt more efficient and easy to work with. Some themes have to be bought, but most are free and one should chose what will correlate with their blogging content. Photographers need something that works with high-res image displays, and literature critics need a theme that has easy-to-read fonts.

  • Know your blogging platforms rules on advertising

If you’re going to sell your content or advertising space, WordPress makes sure you are aware of their Terms & Conditions without being verbose and annoying. You can upgrade your accounts to receive extra benefits, get their ads removed, and be able to sell advertising space to people you negotiate with.

  • If you work it just right, many opportunities present themselves to bloggers.

Blogging hones a whole bunch of skills without you even being consciously aware of it.

From writing, photography, research, digital media managing and graphic designing, you are learning through blogging.

I have worked with some pretty amazing people thanks to the effort I’ve put into my blog. It’s all for me, but its nice to be appreciated. Getting invites to hot events and all just makes it slightly more rewarding.

However, be smart.

Do not sell your integrity off for a quick invite or free product. Be cautious. When you dont like a product, even when its free, say so or be PC in your review. Don’t sell it as amazing as that will eventually decrease your brands worth if the product is found wanting by others.

  • Communication

It’s okay if you don’t like talking to people, but today’s blogging builds itself on the premise of networking so make sure you’re “with it!”

The net is a cornucopia of communication domains. If you’re trying to develop yourself, make sure you’re navigating the crevices of the net.


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