What constitutes a great day?

 How do you start off your day?

And tell me: What constitutes a great day? 

For some it’s in the dawning of a new day, warm light bowing in through the windows, and curtains brushing against the air like curtails.

For some it’s in the assembling of a good outfit – the armor that let’s you soldier on through the day.

Then there are the archetypal wonders who soak up their breakfast as if clinging to the dredges of warm coffee and tea is the last bit of perfection they’ll get all day.

Then there are those who need a good fixing of reading material to wake them up, to center them and focus their minds to the coming influx of information.

There’s lunch and its 1 hour madness that grips the masses, has them standing in lines like sardines waiting their turn to order before returning to repetitive action work.

…and for some, a great day is in the relaxation when the 9-5 is complete, when a hearty meal and a good glass of chilled Sauvignon Blanc is sipped while looking out into the world…woe is definitely not you!

So pick your vice, your strength, your choice.

Is it in apparel?


Is it amid the pages of a newspaper or magazine while sipping Chi tea or Grande White Mocha’s?


Is it luncheons squeezed into busy schedules?


Or decadent evening delights?



What’s the sure-fire marker of a great day?

Talk to me now:Comments this way!

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