Pounding pavement for style

Ever since I got my Canon camera, I’ve let the pictures I take continue to overpower my words. I somehow think they’re better able to say what I need on style or aesthetic right now.

I got a new set of wonders for you guys, taken a day ago in Cape Town, South Africa.

First off: I love this lady.

Her Advanced Style (kudos to Ari Seth Cohen for coining this) is relaxed, while expressing just how fashionable she is.


I spotted her in Zara, and while her hair is literally an accessory all on its own, it’s her lemon top teamed with it that set her out in the crowd.

Her understated diamond bling was also easy ion the eye.IMG_0243

But this is what had my heart – Her metallic bronze Prada backpack.

So fresh!IMG_0242

While looking through the Topshop sales racks I saw a lady in her 40s donned in a turquoise jumpsuit and this combo of shoes and bag. People are readily embracing Summer in South Africa, and that means loving color as all the shops and brands stock up on incredible color ranges.

The “New York” charm is darling. I liked it.

A recommendation I have for summer is invest in comfy shoes ladies. If you’re hitting beaches or cafes on the beachside, slip into wedge heels or comfy clunky strappy sandal heels like this ladies ones. They aren’t too high.


Beanie, backpacks and crop tops – the Coup de Gras of trend combinations.


A white wrap skirt, and a yellow vest top teamed with turquoise thong sandals.

Simple, summer’y and cute.



Got any suggestions for new street style trends you’ve seen?

I’d love feedback. I see too much of the same, or hideous garbage of vintage pieces teamed with those terrible Topshop clunky plastic shoes.


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