Malls and Men

 Don't get it twisted - Men can shop.

While some may think they are bound by the inextricable Man Code that dictates their actions to the only extreme acceptance of Metrosexuality, there are some that don’t subscribe to such trivial unwritten mandates.

While on my shopping steez, I spotted this man leaving the Gucci store in V&A Waterfront.


Interesting outfit compilation right?

…and a seriously fierce expression.

He is rocking designer from head-to-toe, the question is whether it’s considered stylish.

I’m not an advocate of board-shorts being anywhere but on the beach so already I’m against the assemblage.

However, clashing prints and patterns are in and his Alexander McQueen sneakers work with the black&white shorts.

The grey trench coat and plain white T-shirt mutes the overpowering graphics.


It’s the fedora-like Homburg hat and bag that I adore beyond reason. The Homburg hat is a lovely item to have in any wardrobe and I highly recommend getting one. It just ties in many Day outfits so well.

The portable dufflebag is calf-skin leather, black, roomey and gorgeous – reminiscent of the Yves Saint Laurent duffle.


This guy has my most coveted hat – the Big John Panama hat.


Also dug his hipster look of flannel, thrift shop grandfather jersey, worn jeans and Doc Martens.
Wish I could spot more interesting outfits around here, but guess I’ll have to wait till my worldly escapades.

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