Food, Drinks and Ambiance

 If you’ve never experienced titillating, taste-bud shaking decadence, might I suggest a little indulgence.

See, here’s the thing about being a student: You’re working on a student budget, you have no vast knowledge of the premise of Savings account, transportation is a huge issue, and all your money is poised at the ready for cheap food, alcohol and clothing….Well, maybe that’s just me.

On those rare days when you venture beyond frugality, it does wonders to go to the place notoriously known for making good food and drinks, not just the best establishment based on pompous ambiances.


I recently took some time away from writing my thesis to enjoy such luxury.

Initially my friend and I had planned on venturing to Mount Nelson for their High Tea, because I’m a sucker for Macaroons. However, the sun was close to setting and we decided on The 12 Apostles Hotel‘s Leopard Bar practically on the outskirts of Cape Town.


No one can ever utter the worlds that Hout Bay is not simply exquisite. The meeting of the two oceans makes for quite a good vibe, not to mention the establishment we were at nestled on a mountain slope and prime real-estate for Sundowners.


 I began the long trip down into feelgood’dom with a tall glass of(not something sexy unfortunately) Classic Mojito.

I’ve got to say it went down real easy anesthetizing the stress of academics that I’d been burdened under.

 I was there with this beautiful and stylish woman. IMG_0304You ever meet someone and you just click?

She talked fashion, travel and events with me and I was smitten. We’ve been best budz and planning global fashion exploits ever since.

How chic is her attire?

It’s what she calls modern “African print” styled in a two-piece cut snugly, and teamed with bling that complements her skin and bad-ass hair.

Let’s not forget the red lips and smile that brings more to an outfit that designer names ever could.


I was in a boring LBD(little black dress) with a gorgeous pair of Aldo strappy platform stilettos.

…But boy was I soaking up the ambiance behind my butterfly Spitfire shades.


We’re too classy for Selfies today so we got somebody to snap a picture of us in our man-made habitat.

I feel like War’s “Low Rider” should be playing behind this picture, right?!


“Next on the menu” you ask?

How about an Mojito that tasted a little like herbal medication?

White rum, Strawberry syrup, fresh strawberries, fresh mint
and lime juice, topped with MCC.

Not the greatest thing I’ve ever drunk I must say. I should have anticipated the taste with all that green swirling below.

Despite it all, it sure makes for a pretty picture, and induces your thirst when you’re parched and looking at this.

IMG_0306 If there was ever any need for you to feel motivated to go to The 12 Apostles Hotel, it’s for the plate below.

Home smoked chicken breast, bacon, avocado, Emmental lettuce, and tomato on ciabatta with fries.

Magnificent wonder of health, tastiness and goodness graciousness, with a side of aaaawesome.

IMG_0321 The hotel is open to any manner of folk willing to lay a little cash down for some over-all classy goodness.

I’d like to think if I have transport again, I’d head on over there and spoil myself.
The Twelve Apostles Hotel and Spa

 Victoria Road

Camps Bay


 Cape Town

South Africa

 +27 (0) 21 437 9000

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    You have to. It’s the only way to live yo!

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