Festive rings in at V&A

The December holiday in South Africa is filled with sunny skies and hectic prices.

I popped in at the Victoria & Alfred Waterfront to see what was up in anticipation of festive fever.

The baubles and sparkles are up people. ALERT EVERYONE! Santa is literally in the building.

IMG_0227 There are mermaid murals at V&A.

How fancy is that? Our president was called out on allegedly having a twinset of mermaids doing his bidding, but alas, internet hoaxes.

Be still my mythos-loving heart.IMG_0244

Anyway, I took a walk to the newest area of V&A called The Watershed. It is home to  to more than 150 tenants who represent over 365 brands with pop-up shops, decor pieces and tourist traps like ‘african’ everything. *cue eye roll* Just stay tuned for my next story on those trappings.

But, we aren’t there now.

I visited a store of one of the designers who I had seen at Fashion Week, looking for a great summer maxi dress.

Michelle Ludek’s shop was BE-A-U-TI-FUL purely by the freshness of the decor.


Her latest pieces are in shades of lemon yellow, royal blue, white and the patterns and prints are not cheap and overbearing but are simplistic, and are teamed very well with light chiffon’s.



The best thing about V&A beyond the clothing, is probably the harbor that is filled with yachts, ferries, and other such water-based vehicles.

I snapped this picture of one such boat on a bed of blue.IMG_0249


Open 10am to 7pm, 7 days a week.

Located between the V&A Food Market and the Two Oceans Aquarium.

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