Favored Hideouts: Grand Daddy Hotel

I have had the privilege of staying at many a unique hotels across South Africa, and I really appreciate the aesthetic of The Grand Daddy Hotel

This is a boutique hotel nestled in the cosmopolitan 8th Wonder home-base Cape Town, South Africa. You have read all about my Long Street exploits, and this hotel is in the very heart of the vibrant tourist-centric internationally acclaimed street. Not to say that any stay you would have would be marred by the jostling sounds, on the contrary, there seems to be a cloak of veritable soundproofing over the premises.

When I stayed at The Grand Daddy Hotel during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Cape Town 2014, I got a really luxurious room.


It had the warmest ambiance, crispest linens, and the fluffiest pillows.


The bathrooms were bedecked with Tuscan beige tiling.


…and don’t forget the near patriotic motif in the decor.


The room in its entirety, was all class – warm but sophisticated, capturing a piece of world travel.


There is one thing that separates The Grand Daddy Hotel from any other establishment seen in South Africa.

You’ve got to take the elevator to the 3rd floor, and begin climbing up their stairwell.



Once you’ve reached the top, open the door…and be utterly amazed!

This boutique hotel transformed their rooftop to an extension of the themed rooms. They have a rooftop trailer park. For the right price you could stay in one of these  7 Airstream Trailers. They each have a motif that appeals to different sensibilities: think Karoo, Safari, Surfing, Beach, Winelands etc.


Just ensure you don’t disturb the…eeeeer…wildlife.


Keen for some drinks if you’re not staying in the hotel and just want to soak up the sun with a cold bottle of something for over 18s?

Head on over to the Skybar on the same deck, and slurp up some goodness.

I highly recommend the Sex on the beach drink – it’s pretty and potent.


The Grand Daddy Hotel does not disappoint entertainment-wise. Their deck is also outfitted with a viewing deck where the Pink Flamingo Rooftop Cinema is known to have screenings of every kind of movie.


Not impressed yet?

Well Mr or Mrs “I’m hard to impress”, The Grand Daddy Hotel also has an intimate restaurant on the ground floor, for your pleasure.

It’s got a pretty tasty selection of wines, some of which are better to be enjoyed with the variety of foods served.

The decor is very much like that of archetypal B&Bs, which isn’t something for everyone.

The L’Apero Restaurant


So: The Grand Daddy Hotel is a solid 7/10

It’s reasonably small size is calculated in so far that there is a concentration on the quality of their service and decor, and not merely the churning in-and-out of bookings. The simplest way to describe it is to reiterate my previous review:

“It is a boutique hotel harboring a corner of indulgence, simple sophistication and convenient comfort. I found the staff more than courteous; their efficiency matched by their most sincere helpfulness.”

More information:

Price Range:

R1 400.00c -R2 500.00c

Physical Address

38 Long Street

Cape Town


Contact Details

Tel: +27 21 424 7247

Fax: +27 21 424 7248

Email: info@granddaddy.co.za

For events and functions, email: events@granddaddy.co.za

For booking enquiries, email: reservations@granddaddy.co.za

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