Street style 4.8

I’d never fail you with not publishing another set of street style shots from my escapades.

I spotted them from the corner of my eye. In the middle of one of the hottest days they were decked in black, whites and greys. I could not resist getting a shot of them.

I want the hat the guy is donning. My collection feels incomplete.

Leather sandals have entered mens wardrobes with a vengeance, along with beards of every size.IMG_0803

Street style is not for the youth alone. Seen here is Advanced style in the form of linen-wearing rich vagabonds.IMG_0818

Neon Colored sneaker laces, backpacks in every make and usability, and sportswear as street wear: Welcome to 2014’s most inane fashion fads in menswear and womanswear. IMG_0870

Walked by the Alexander Bar and Cafe when I saw this lady.


I blame Topshop for this thick-soled shoes trend, and I wont readily forgive them…but I cant dispute how well worn they are by this lady.IMG_0883
She wore a jacquard print black and beige skirt with a sheer Halterneck black chiffon top, and a cream woolen jersey over everything.


I got a distinct Victoria Greyson vibe from this woman.

Totally dug her Avaitor sunnies and Kelly Bag.IMG_0905

Skinnies and Crop tops, boots and vans…they’re all in.

However, are they stylish?

The jersey the guy is holding seems like a Maxhosa creation and so we shout #ProudlySouthAfrican for that.


Captured a girls night out at Cafe Mojito.IMG_0917 Hats in every shape and color are in and this vintage church hat is simply adorable.IMG_0927

This lady is wearing a pair of trendy Topshop platform loafers I would never be caught in because they remind me too much of orthopedic shoes.IMG_0925

Her 2 neat plaits are gorgeous and suit her well.IMG_0922

Without trying to be trendy with her hair, she sets the bar for being simplisitic. Her all-black look is broken with a gold body chain with blue stones.

I really like what she did with everything.IMG_0923

Short clean dreads with a slight maroon tinge, rocked with lipstick red earrings and a darker lipstick shade. I like her near-natural aesthetic.IMG_0933

Varieties of bags are a necessity for any female who is fashion conscious. In the same way that printed ironic T-shirts are a trend, so too become clutch bags.IMG_0935

Dreads are their own accessory. These two men work the Ombre dreads while sipping drinks at Cafe Mojito.IMG_0942

This girl is part of the Taylor Gang! Notice her dirty Chuck Taylor’s telling their own story.

She caught my eye because of her hair. I like the cut. It fills out her face in what would have otherwise been a very delicate and thin pointy face.

Her army moss green coat is a piece most would covet for its durability. I’d match it with aged black Doc Martens for control.

Always know how to accentuate the best parts of your body.

This guy takes that motto in fashion and makes it work for his menswear.

The Grey V-neck vest is not tight enough to be ridiculous in the wearers blatant attempt to show off their muscle definition. The backpack straps broadens the look of his shoulders and creates more lean lines in his waist-to-hip area. The necklaces are layered in such a way that seems to deepen the V-neck plunge and bulk up the guys pecks. The jeans are a beautiful fit as they are reasonably fitted skinnies and provide a lengthening of the legs.  The sneakers and belt are just good style sense and bring out the caramel complexion of his skin well.IMG_0966

Dashiki’s are South Africans latest fashion fad, identified by their combination of uncoordinated patterns and bright colors on starched cotton.

These two loved the camera and spent a while posing for pictures. I liked their look. Their clothing is combined in a way that articulates their style. While I would not don the ensembles, they are comfortable in them and that is the most important thing in some contemporary street style.IMG_0981

Stay tuned for more.

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