It’s all about color and location

Twinkle Twinkle little lights

Up above the roof so high

Like a restaurant with good decor

Making things bright that’s what you’re made for

Twinkle Twinkle little lights

something something end of line.

*cue dramatic bow*

 This was taken at night, at the restaurant known as Nom Noms [on Long].IMG_0775 Anyone in the fashion know, knows to have a nose for international fashion houses on the colorful streets of South Africa.

If you keep up with my social media platforms you’ll know that Paul Smith Clothing is some of my favorite due to the colorful fabrics that they use, and the close tailoring they do for different body types.

On the corner of Bree street is a Paul Smith store which moved from the previous locale of V&A Waterfront.IMG_0785 I love the color they chose.

It’s not overpowering to the eyes, and on those beautiful sunny days that South African weather is synonymous with, it looks near Wallpaper-worthy in the way it complements the clear skies.IMG_0787

The Bo-Kaap is an area in Cape Town which used to  accommodate lower income families and artisans from the central business district.


It’s filled with museums that memorize centuries of history around slave trade, and the racial oppression of long passed South Africans that has become this nations most defining feature.IMG_0802

Spice stores, restaurants with the backdrop of Signal hill, Mosques and kramats etc. make up the bulk of institutes and establishments in the area.IMG_0805

Whether you prefer condominiums, villas in the style of the Spanish, family homesteads or Victorian mansions, Cape Town can offer you all variations in real estate.

The houses that make up the Bo-Kaap are candy-colored clusters made famous as they set the mise-en-scene to many fashion photo-shoots, fashion shows and film productions.

The idea of having the 8th World Wonder in the distance as you film somewhere colorful appeals to many, and it is the German and Netherlands which have utilized this location to the max in their filming of award-winning advertisements.


These are also the homes of many families, who have taken pride in maintaining the areas notoriety and status through cultivating a positive image of their neighborhood.


The city of Cape Town has ensured the streets are diligently maintained too.


De Waterkant is another area not to far from The Bo-Kaap.IMG_0844

It continues the trend of basking in a much brighter color palette for its buildings than the norm.




The Cape Quarter is a known watering hole for celebrities, business folk and a whole host of hipsters.


South African-born Hollywood actress Charlize Theron was spotted after a yoga session exiting a yoga studio in this area of De Waterkant.

It’s in quite a busy business district and has quite a large selection of restaurants and cafes to visit.


The Royale Eatery on Long Street has thee best burgers I’ve had in a while

…or maybe I was just really hungry.IMG_0912 Ever heard of The Beer House?

It’s also on Long Street.


It’s got a selection of hundreds of beers from across the world, all for your convenient drinking pleasure.



Be entertained by their decor because their chalk board is filled with little tidbits and wise-ass remarks.IMG_0951 Prices are good for the pints they serve in large glasses any Oktoberfest lover covets.

IMG_0955 Saw some graffiti I found cool.

Stay tuned for more pictures from me pounding pavement.

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