I’m stylish with a Ruff Tung

I’ve been trying to forge new avenues of potential success for myself; using my vast skill set to customize a career for myself that doesn’t leave me feeling like I’m doing something mundane. I  love media, entertainment, and above all – fashion!

So finding out that I’d won a dress in a competition I’d entered by a fashion label called ‘Ruff Tung‘, was a great feeling.

I got to talking with the owner via texting, and decided to meet up while I was in Cape Town. From reviewing their pieces on the online store Spree website, I figured I’d only be partial to a few of their pieces and have little gumption to become a raving fan.

Oh!How foolish was I in that minute!

I went to the Ruff Tung headquarters

…and proceeded to just fall in love with a new fashion brand. Fooling around in their studio with the different pieces was great fun, and I found that once their dresses were in my hand I could not do anything but love them. I like a minimalist aesthetic, comfort and style; and to find folks who design with that in mind makes me happy.

 Playing with their navy Vanessa crepe dress with sequins detail in black.


My ass looks sooooo fetch in this dress.

I usually avoid patterns and print like the plague, but I feel so grown up and sophisticated sexy in this dress.

This is their geometric-print black and cream poly spandex dress.


 Besides their black one-arm jumpsuit, I die for this gown.

I took some time out of fooling around to lounge about Daisy Buchanan style.

Isn’t the gown just incredible in color?

It feels lovely and soft on the skin and flows freely.



Now that I got a really intimate look at the workings of Ruff Tung I cannot wait to begin our journey together in fashion.

Thank you for the gifts and great experience RT!

For anyone looking to buy some really good clothing items at affordable prices, visit the online store Spree and buy buy buy!

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