They tell me not to dream big

I had a chat with someone a week ago and they told me that given my status as a ‘beginner’ according to world media, that I shouldn’t consider covering the Cannes Film Festival right now.

It’s good advice I guess – very pragmatic.

I find it utterly distasteful though for myself.

Even when faced with the certainty of failure and disappointment, I’ve never stopped myself from setting some incredible goals for myself.
I know I don’t have the money for it, nor the considerable experience that is apparently required to cover such an event.

What I do have is immeasurable passion to learn.

At the end of the day, such events have been covered all across the world in nearly the same structure. However, my predecessors have only then ever appealed to a specific kind of clientele in print publication, television etc. In the same way that I learned to navigate London Fashion Week by trial and error, I hope to do the same at Cannes. My approach and my perspective is singularly unique, and I hope to capture a rather exceptional piece of the acclaimed film festival.

I refuse to dream small.

I refuse to always remain logical and pragmatic about the logistics of my dreams.

I will find a way to Cannes, in the same breathe that I say I will cover the Toronto Film Festival, San Diego Comic Convention, work at Sundance and attend New York Fashion Week either this year, or the next!

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