Summer Couture

You know I never fail to love a good party, and attending Head Honcho‘s annual “Stay Fresh” events becomes mandatory to maintaining my feel-good vibes.


Me and my buddy Cwenga posing at the themes “All White” Stay fresh party.

We look like we’re starring in a new music video for Usher – LOL!DSCN3353

Bathroom selfie on fleek!

Boob levels are not 😦black&white

Only one of my friends picked this up, but I decided to be lazy with my apparel this year and don a near replica of my 2014 outfit to the same event.

I wore the white – and more gaping version – Gabriella Fraser Designs jumpsuit with an open back, slitted sides and plunging front. It was the only choice when it came down to it, for an event that demands a clean party with no grunge factors. I love that the material she uses is heavy enough not to blow up and reveal my special parts, but light enough to be a must-have summer item.

How would you rate the way I styled them?

I searched thee entire Cape Town CBD looking for the perfect accessories and found those gold metallic tatts to don. I teamed those skin accessories with sunnies, a white leather cuff, a vintage silver necklace and flip flops.

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