Hello from the Bay side

So I decided to brave the wave of early summer sweat-stained bodies and do some window shopping in Greenacres – a mall in Port Elizabeth currently undergoing a major facelift.

Making itself known with loud, embarrassing and echoing wails, and gnawing contractions, my hungry tummy led me to a new establishment to get my grub on, known as “Mojo Cafe”.

I think I may replace my previous fav “Amiamo” 🙁

Loyalty, thyne is bought by tasty food ye heathen!

I  indulged in a cuppa of Earl Grey and a house special Caramel Cheese cake, whilst listening to Adele’s new chart-topping, record-breaking, tear-jerking song “Hello”.


I may have found love in taste bud stimulation.

You should go have a bite of their somethings. I have yet to try all else on thee menu, but so far – “mmmmmmmmoooooore“!

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