Honestly? I’m here for the chocolate

Mediterranean patio decor with a little rural Grecian rustic element – Hello ‘Honest Chocolate Cafe’!

My body is pretty much the visual representation of how much I overindulge my decadent taste. I found Honest Chocolate cafe whilst taking a young walk down Wale street with my Simon&Mary hat protecting me from the sun, and needing a refresher before my other escapades.IMG_4535 IMG_4534

So they have a gallery within the establishment called the Commune, and everything from one room to another transitions well in terms of ambiance. I am going back for sure.

I ordered an Iced Coffee with fresh milk, and an organic chocolate cup cake.

IMG_4530 IMG_4520

Am I the only one who can eat like 2 Cadbury slabs in one sitting, but when you eat high quality chocolate, you just cannot finish it at once? I got the maddest itis(sleepiness induced by fullness or tasty yum yum food) after 2 bites.

Visit the cafe you guys. They have WiFi too..which…you know…is my main requirement.

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