The gangs all back together

I recently moved back to Cape Town, South Africa, and have been reconnecting with friends and acquaintances. My buddies and I decided to make a day of it. Lemme tell you: anytime this unholy triumvirate head out, things never go entirely to plan; our stories usually end with a 2-day bender in the city.IMG_4866

We headed to Long Street for a chill lunch at the infamous Royale Eatery. That Federale burger is soooo many types of tasty that even thinking about it makes me a little teary and sleepy from imagined itis.

The cool thing about this group of folks is that we all love the camera so we took a whole bunch of pictures.IMG_4890 Don’t they look like an advert for some fresh clothing label?IMG_4886

My bud Amanda is so photogenic (and knows it), and I always get thee most detail-orientated profile shots of her.


Odwa is so good for candid shots, and I am always obsessed with the accessories he dons with stylish ease.IMG_4795

…Now have a look at us flourishing!


You cant sit with us!


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